Quiz of the Week

1) How many seconds are there in one hour?

360, 600, 3600 or 6,000

2) A beaver’s home is called a l..

3) What is the basic ingredient of an omelette?

4) In what year did a human walk on the moon for the first time?

5) Unjumble this word, ending in ‘ness’ – spanipehs

6) Which is bigger – the African or Asian elephant?

7) In what sport does the loser get ‘pinned’?

8) Do these rectangles have the same perimeter 12 m x 4 m  and 13m x 3m

9) what did Laszlo and Georg Biro create?

10) Which is not a type of flowering plant?

a) protea   b) begonia    c) sequoia    d) fuchsia

Quiz of the Week

Pj Day

1) Round 3.7 to the nearest whole number.

2) What is the fastest breed of dog?

3) what is the name of Charlie Brown’s dog?

4) The Great Pyramids of Egypt were built in approximately

a) 2700 BC – 2500 BC

b) 600 BC – 400 BC

c) 200 AD – 400 AD

5) Which is the proper noun in this sentence?

‘Kate unwrapped her birthday present’.

6) The rocket which took Neil Armstrong to the moon was Apollo….

7) ‘Boules’ originates from which country?

8) Change this time to 24 hour time 1:05am

9) In technological terms, is a ‘malfunction’ a good thing?

10)Do leaves get their colour from a green pigment called chlorine, chlorophyll or chloride?

11) Which fictitious detective lived at 221B Baker Street, London?

12) Who was Tenzing Norgay’s Partner?

13)What is the meaning of a contraction?

14) Which people lived in fear of the KGB?

15) ‘Tempera’ is a painting term. T

rue or False?

16) Deserts make up 35% of the earth’s landmass.

True or False?

Quiz of the Week


1) What is one-third of 129?

2) Hyenas are scavengers.

True or False

3) Which is further – one kilonmetre or one mile?

4) An ancient and mystical stone structure located in the south of England is called….?

5) Which word is wrong in this sentence?

‘A packet of chips were found on the bench’.

6) Would you eat, wear or throw a ‘boomerang’?

7) Bjorn Borg was a champion…….. player from Sweden.

8) Will a hexagonal tile tessellate?

9) Which company, known as GEC, invented the electric toaster?

10) We know bees transfer pollen, but can bats do the same?

11) Which great Dutch painter, with the first name of Vincent, cut off one of his earlobes?

12) In which decade did the bikini first become popular 50s, 60s or 70s?

13) Write the plural of church.

14) The Koi fish is known as the ‘traditional fish of happiness’ and therefore would most likely be found at a ……. wedding reception.

15) ‘Abstract’ is a term generally associated with which arts form?

16) Would ‘sustainable development’ be a positive or negative for the environment?

17) The Old Woman in a Shoe gave her children some broth without any …….

18) What is the smallest instrument in an orchestra?

19) Diabetes affects the body’s ability to use what?

20) Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago.

True or False?