Maths Quiz

  1. 19 plus 8
  2. 23 subtract 4
  3. 3 lots of 8
  4. 40 divide 5
  5. Place value of 7 in 2789
  6. Is 5208 greater than 5 450?
  7. Round off 1739  to the nearest thousand
  8. How many digits in 1704?

9. $1.05 +  $2.55

10. Is 3/4 equal to 8/12?

11. 1/3 of 12   (3x?=12)

12. Product of 6 and 8?

13. Roman numeral for 86?

14) 15 + ? = 25

15) Centimetres in 7 M?

16) Litres in 4000mL?

17. Perimeter of a rectangle 6cm by 5cm

18. Kilograms in 6000g?

19. Minutes in 3 hours?

20) How many faces has a cube?

Quiz of the Week

Learning Intention: After researching the answers to these questions you will have practiced how to read and answer questions correctly.

  1. How many sides  does a trapezium have?

2) Which is the only animal that is black and white?

a) leopard    b) baboon   c) killer whale

3) Which planet starting with ‘M’ is known as the ‘ red planet’?

4) World War II ended in 1989.

True of False?

5) Complete the sentence with the correct word.

‘I (did/done) it yesterday.’

6) What do you do with a javelin?

7) Which company, starting with ‘B’, makes jet aircraft such as 747 and 737?

8) The Diary of Anne …. is one of the world’s best selling books.

9) Can you eat a ‘portrait’?

10) Which country are you likely to be in if you hear yodelling?

11) To ‘prompt’ someone during a play is to tell them their lines.

True or False?

12) Which one can you see?

Thunder or Lightning?

13) What type  of story is Cinderella?

a) fairytale   b) myth   c) fable

14) The retina is found in which part of the body?

15) The Sahara ….. is found in North Africa.

Quiz of the Week

1) Roald Amundsen and his team of explorers  were first to reach:

a) South Pole   b) The North Pole   c) The peak of Everest

2) To swim, whales move their tails from side to side.

True of False?

3) How many syllables does the word ‘submarine’ have?

4) The Star of David is a symbol relevant to which people?

5) What term, starting with a t, is used to describe how fast or slow a song is?

6) Does using fossil fuels like coal lead to an increase in acid rain?

7) Who wrote Jaws ?

Peter Benchley, Steven Spielberg or George Lucas?

8) A chicken is hatched in an i….?

9) Where is the body’s smallest bones located?

10) Which is a European country?

Algeria, Austria or Argentina

Internet Challenge: Via Tellagami

Quiz of the Week

Did you know?

The bags of the first bagpipes were usually made from sheep or goat skin and the pipes were made from bone or ivory.

Internet Challenges

– Find out what modern bagpipes are usually made from.

– Find a website which plays the sound of the bagpipes.

– Name two different types of bagpipes.


1. Write three thousand, nine hundred and forty-five using digits.

2. The terrapin is a type of turtle. True or false?

3. A sultana is a dried what?

4. The world Wide … was invented in 1989.

5. Write the verb in the sentence below.

‘She went on holiday.’

6. In which sport do you try to get a ‘hole-in-one’?

7. Vacuum cleaners, washing machines and dishwashers all need e… to run.

8. What computer software did Bill Gates found?

9. A …aid is worn by some hearing-impaired people.

10. What does the word ‘oui’ mean in French?

a) Thank you b)no c)yes

11. Which country are the bagpipes most often associated with?

12. A pond is a small lake. True of false?

13. Who wrote Oliver Twist?

14. What is the epidermis an outer layer of?

15. The Alps is a mountain range found in E…

Quiz of the Week

Did you know?
Mozart was considered to be one of the greatest Western composers. Born in 1756, he was thought of as a child genius. He played a royalty at the age of six and composed an opera at 14!

Internet Challenge:

A) Create a timeline of important events in Mozart’s life.
B) The play Amadeus ( which was made into a movie) contains a theory about how Mozart died.what is it?
C) write the names of two of Mozart’s operas.

1) 18 – ? = 9

2) Tigers and leopards are members of the … family.

3) A ‘knot’ is a measure of
a) speed. b) length. c) temperature

4) In 1945, an atomic bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima? True or False?

5) What is a group of bees called?

6) Sergei Bubka is a famous ….. vaulter?

7) What kind of flying machine has rotor blades and can hover?

8) What was the composer Mozart’s first name?

9) What ingredient in bread makes it rise?

10) Pumpkin pie and turkey are often eaten at which North American celebration?

a) Hanukkah b) Halloween c) Thanksgiving

11) A famous ballet is Swan ….?

12) Is the ocean a fresh water or a salt water environment?

13) A myth is a type of story? True or False?

14) Which sense is missing from the list?
Touch, smell, sight, hearing and ?

15) The country of M…. shares a border with USA?


1) 9    2) cat  3) a    4) true   5) swarm/hive   6) pole  7) helicopter

8) Wolfgang    9) yeast   10) c    11) Lake  12) saltwater

13) true   14) taste    15) Mexico

Quiz of the Week

Did you know?

1) Take 64 from 99.

2) The skunk defends itself with a fluid that has a really bad o….?

3) What does the abbreviation ‘Inc’ stand for?

4) In 1989, protests in Tiananmen Square turned ugly when authorities in which country massacred over 1500 people?

5) How many consonants are there in the word ‘python’?

6) What is a slow moving river of ice called?

7) Excluding the bullseyes, how many numbers are on the dartboard?

8) How many hours are there between 4pm Monday and 1pm Tuesday?

9) In computer jargon, RAM stands for Random Access …?

10) Flowers bunched together are called and pronounced ‘boo-kays’ Spell this correctly.

Quiz of the Week

Did you know?

In the 14th century, the bubonic plaque, or ‘black death’, killed more than one-third of the entire population of Europe.


1) How many seconds are there in one hour?

360, 600, 3600 or 6000

2) A beaver’s home is called a l…..?

3) What is the basic ingredient of an omelette?

4) In what year did a human walk on the moon for the first time?

5) Unjumble the word, ending in ‘ness’


6) Which is bigger?

The African or Asian elephant?

7) In what sport does a loser get ‘pinned’?

8) Do these rectangles have the same perimeter?

12m x 4m  and 13m x 3m


9) What did Laszlo and Georg Biro create?

10) Which is not a type of flowering plant?

a) protea  b) begonia   c) sequoia   d) fuchsia

Challenge Questions:

C1) Find out what symptoms a person with bubonic plague will have.

C2) What did people do to try to prevent getting bubonic plague in the 14th century?

C3) Find out if the bubonic plague is still a problem today?

Quiz of the Week


1) What is one-third of 129?

2) Hyenas are scavengers.

True or False

3) Which is further – one kilonmetre or one mile?

4) An ancient and mystical stone structure located in the south of England is called….?

5) Which word is wrong in this sentence?

‘A packet of chips were found on the bench’.

6) Would you eat, wear or throw a ‘boomerang’?

7) Bjorn Borg was a champion…….. player from Sweden.

8) Will a hexagonal tile tessellate?

9) Which company, known as GEC, invented the electric toaster?

10) We know bees transfer pollen, but can bats do the same?

11) Which great Dutch painter, with the first name of Vincent, cut off one of his earlobes?

12) In which decade did the bikini first become popular 50s, 60s or 70s?

13) Write the plural of church.

14) The Koi fish is known as the ‘traditional fish of happiness’ and therefore would most likely be found at a ……. wedding reception.

15) ‘Abstract’ is a term generally associated with which arts form?

16) Would ‘sustainable development’ be a positive or negative for the environment?

17) The Old Woman in a Shoe gave her children some broth without any …….

18) What is the smallest instrument in an orchestra?

19) Diabetes affects the body’s ability to use what?

20) Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago.

True or False?