Quiz of the Week

1) How many seconds are there in one hour?

360, 600, 3600 or 6,000

2) A beaver’s home is called a l..

3) What is the basic ingredient of an omelette?

4) In what year did a human walk on the moon for the first time?

5) Unjumble this word, ending in ‘ness’ – spanipehs

6) Which is bigger – the African or Asian elephant?

7) In what sport does the loser get ‘pinned’?

8) Do these rectangles have the same perimeter 12 m x 4 m  and 13m x 3m

9) what did Laszlo and Georg Biro create?

10) Which is not a type of flowering plant?

a) protea   b) begonia    c) sequoia    d) fuchsia

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  1. Mollie is not up to question 8 yet, some one most have not change their email,name.she is only up to question 5 .

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