Sun Arise

Learning Intention:

This week we will be investigating the Aboriginal culture in association with NAIDOC week

Success Criteria:

I will know I have been successful when:

# Participate in all tasks

# Listen and Discuss Poem and Dream Time stories

# Understand the meaning and history behind NAIDOC week

Poetry Challenge


DreamTime – How the kangaroo got its pouch

Dreamtime – Where rainbows come from.

Sun Arise – Rolf Harris/Harry Butler


NAIDOC Week – 3-10th July

Naidoc Australia

History Timeline

q1) What does NAIDOC stand for?

q2) Why does Australia have a NAIDOC Week?

q3) Can you name what you think is the most significant event in the timeline (above)

Art Time

Aboriginal Art

105 thoughts on “Sun Arise

  1. Q1) NAIDOC stands for National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observense Comitee.
    Q2) We have NAIDOC week because we want to pay our respects to the original custodians that settled here first and we took over there land and giving no respect to them and their culture.
    Q3) probably in 1991 where they sweated to reconsider what they had done to the land and how they had treated.

  2. 1. The people who were here before as.
    2. To celebrate the people who were before the English people came to Australia.
    3. The second last one.

  3. 1) National Aboriginal and Islanders Day Observence Comitee

    2) to pay our respect to the aboriginals that lived on this land before us.

  4. 1National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee
    2 to remember the TSI and the Aberiginals
    3 1930-1930

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