Learning Intention:Today you are going to learn aboutΒ the characteristics of planets

Success Criteria:

# Select a Planet

Record information on:

Name, Meaning of the Name, Position in the Solar System, Size, Moons, Rings, Gravity, Atmosphere, Temperature, Rotation of Axis, Composition of Planet, How a Human would fare on this planet, Discovery of this planet and References you have used.










The Planets Today

Planet Facts

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  1. Hi Ms.Johnson,
    I was just wondering do we need our I pads tomorrow becaus it is the sport trials.
    Thank you that was all, bye.

  2. You think the same as me cooper I just watched it seven times, I think I got most of the words now.

  3. 1)Man haven’t been arbel to go to mares for 70 years because of the heat and there is no oxegon on mares.

  4. Mars was made as small rocks minerals and dirt joined together. This took about 100,000 years. Mars kept getting bigger because the force of gravity pulled in more objects. The heat caused by the force of these objects eventually created the different layers of the planet.

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