Quiz of the Week

Learning Intention: After researching the answers to these questions you will have practiced how to read and answer questions correctly.

  1. How many sides  does a trapezium have?

2) Which is the only animal that is black and white?

a) leopard    b) baboon   c) killer whale

3) Which planet starting with ‘M’ is known as the ‘ red planet’?

4) World War II ended in 1989.

True of False?

5) Complete the sentence with the correct word.

‘I (did/done) it yesterday.’

6) What do you do with a javelin?

7) Which company, starting with ‘B’, makes jet aircraft such as 747 and 737?

8) The Diary of Anne …. is one of the world’s best selling books.

9) Can you eat a ‘portrait’?

10) Which country are you likely to be in if you hear yodelling?

11) To ‘prompt’ someone during a play is to tell them their lines.

True or False?

12) Which one can you see?

Thunder or Lightning?

13) What type  of story is Cinderella?

a) fairytale   b) myth   c) fable

14) The retina is found in which part of the body?

15) The Sahara ….. is found in North Africa.

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