Ms Jan Johnson

Ms Jan Johnson

   Name: Jan Johnson

  Qualifications: Dip Teaching , Masters in Education (Guidance & Counselling  ), Gifted Education Mentor , Gifted Education Certificate  (GERRIC )  

2016 Scholarship for Leadership

 Teacher: Senior teacher EHSS 

Experience: 20 Years

2014 – Multiage 6/7, 2013 – Multiage 6/7,  2012 – Multiage 3/4, 2011 – Year 3, 2010 – Multiage2/3,      2009  – Multiage 1/22008 –Multiage 1/2, 2007 – Multiage 1/2

Philosophy Points: Multiage, Enabling Learners, Autonomous Learners, Flipped Classroom, Explicit Teaching, High Expectations, ICT necessary for Classroom Learning, Safe & Learner Dominated Environment

ICT used in our classroom * Spelling City: teacher generated  list, and assignment + spelling test ( four ability groups)  –  app

         * Mathletics: teacher generated tasks (3 ability groups) -app      * Studyladder: teacher generated tasks ( 3 ability groups)  

* Targeting Maths 5 & 6 app    * Tellagami  – animated podcast  -app    *Edublogs- blogging – app

  * Classbadges -celebrate  achievements  * Microsoft Office        * Prezi -online presentations    

  * Research      *Khan Academy -video lesssons  * Webmail – email       * Doodle Buddy – whiteboard      

* Apple Tv      * BTN – behind the news, QR Codes integrated into learning, Book Creator

Wordle: teach



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Hi Ms Jonson we got back from the hospital at 4:20 The doctor said that I haven’t broken any bones in my neck and that it was jest muscle I won’t be at school for the next few days because I have to rest my neck please tell the class that I am okay.


Hi Ms Johnson,I uploaded my tellagami but it is right down the bottom and you can’t see it. Please help me. Is it because it’s in a .mov format?

Ms Johnson

Jett, you need to delete that link. All posts>edit>add media>upload video> post.


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