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  1. Hi Mis Jonson we got back from the hospital at 4:20 good news I have not broken it but I will be of school for a few days the doctor sed it is probably a mussel problem and I should rest it please tell the class I am ok.

    • Unfortunately I cannot reset blog passwords. This password does not change and is still the same one he had when his blog was first set up.

  2. Hey miss Johnson last night I went to a barbecue and this morning I had netball. I tried to submit my work but shiwbie is not working.

  3. Hi Ms Johnson!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t been on the blog for ages! Highschool is great and I miss primary school lots.

  4. Hi Ms Johnson,
    Can I please ask if I could move from the back table to the space next to Jordan Healey, as I find it hard to see the whiteboard from where I sit now.
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Ms Johnson, do you know what my student code for class dojo is please? I’m trying to sign in so I can do the class story thing but I don’t know my code. Thanks Will

  6. Hi Ms Johnson, I noticed today that I am missing the rest of my English skills booklet. Do you have another copy I could have please? Mine finishes on day 96. Thank you and it was nice to see you today. Welcome back to term 4. Will N .

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