English Skills

Learning Intention

This week we are going to explore different types of verbs, the rules you should apply for plurals, how to use a full stop correctly (period), what sound a long o’ makes and different types of sentences.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Identify different types of verbs (main, auxilliary, modal)

#Identify and use the Plural Rules

# You can use a full stop (period) correctly to complete a sentence.

# Identify words with a long o’ sound.

# Explain the different types of sentences


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Grammaropolis – Verbs


Image result for plurals


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Punctuation Academy

Long o’ Sound

Image result for long o sound

Types of Sentences

Image result for simple, complex and compound sentences

 Sentence Types

Colour Poetry

Lesson Intention:

We  are going to investigate the use of colour with poems


Success Criteria:

You will know you have been successful when:

# You use words that relate to a colours meaning/interpretation

# Write your poem in your book (answering the questions)

Complete a good copy of the poem


Poetry Templates

Colour Poetry

  1. What is the difference between these two colour poems?
  2. How do you know?
  3. Which Year level would you assign to each colour  poem?
  4. How would you make improvements to one of the poems? (add/change)


White is like the sound of ice cubes clinking in a glass.

White is like the smell of freshly picked daisies from a green, green meadow.

White is like the taste of sweet, creamy ice cream on a hot summer day.

White is like the feel of a soft, fluffy pillow comforting you to sleep.



Blue smells like the fresh, salty ocean as the breeze blows across it.

Blue sounds like a peaceful river flowing through the forest.

Blue tastes like a slippery, sweet lollipop energizing you in the middle of the afternoon.

Blue feels like soaring through the air with the birds and the clouds.

Brown is like the taste of rich, thick chocolate as you smooth it around on your tongue.

Brown is like the smell of tangy spices, soaking into barbecued meat.

Brown is like the sound of construction equipment, struggling to move the earth.

Brown is like the feeling of sluggishness, like lying around all day.



Pink tastes like light, sugary cotton candy you get at the circus.

Pink smells like a baby just after a bath.

Pink sounds like tiny, glass wind chimes blowing in the breeze.

Pink feels like a light feather tickling your skin.


Figuative Language

Lesson Intention




Comparing Similes & Metaphors


Examples of Hyperbole in Songs

In Class Task: Write an example of each on your Author Tools Placemat.

Topic: 1) Classroom  2) Teacher   3) 5J    4) school

Out of Class Task: Write an example of each in comments.

Topic: 1) Bedroom  2) Mum or Dad    3) Family   4) Home