Quiz of the Week

  1. Which one of these is a net of a cylinder? 

         a)     b)    c)  


2) What do we call an animal that eats meat?

a) carnivore    b) herbivore

3) What kind of animal is a stegosaurus?

4) In which country will you find the Taj Mahal?

5) Too which of these words could the suffix ‘less’ be added?

a) harm     b) eat      c) water

6) What sport is Tiger Woods famous for?

7) What is the common abbreviation for digital video disc?

8) Who provided the voice of a donkey in the movie Shrek?

9) A four-leaf …. is supposed to bring good luck.

10) What colour do people wear on St Patrick’s Day?

11) Tap, Irish and ballet are all types of what?

12) ….. warming is a serious environmental problem.

13) A limerick is a type of Irish poem

True or False?

14) What, starting with ‘s’, is the correct name for your backbone?

15) In which country is the city of Vancouver found?


Internet Challenge:

Find out the meaning of some computer animation terminology; e.g. ‘shaders’.


Go to the Shrek website (www.shrek.com) to find out some number statistics about the movie (e.g. number of locations created, number of trees)


Quiz of the Week


1. Write ten hundreds as a numeral.

2.  Amphibians can live on both… and in…

3. Which movie grossed more- Titanic or The Lion King?

4. Michaelangelo sculpted his statue of David at the beginning of the 14th, 16th or 20th century?

5. Which is the correct spelling – tomatose, tomatos, tomatoes?

6. What does a  philatelist collect?

7. Michael Schumacher is a name associated with which sport?

8. 3.4 kilograms=…grams

9. How many years between the first manned space flight and humans landing on the moon- 8,14 or 22?

10. A hybrid is a cross between two species. True or false?

Internet Challenges

  •  Write a timeline  of important events in Michaelangelo’s life.
  • View pictures of the statue David
  • View pictures of at least  one other of Michaelangelo’s creations.
  • Write some facts about Michaelangelo’s childhood.