Family Quiz 3



1) What is the common factor of both 24 and 27?

2) Are mammals warm-blooded?

3) Is ‘gendarme’ a French shop keeper, doctor or police officer?

4) Nelson …? was released from jail in South Africa in 1990.

5) Spell ‘exercise’ correctly

6) Is half of 242 an even number?

7) In which recreation do competitors often ‘tag & release’?

8) What is the area of a rectangle nine metres long and eight metres wide?

9)The first compact disc (CD) was invented by Sony-Philips. True or False?

10) In which country will you find a blackbutt tree?

Extra for Experts

11)Complete the song title – Shake, Rattle and ?

13) Is a collection of fish called a school, a host or a fleet?

14) A state of everlasting peace called by nirvana is a belief of

a) Buddhists   b) Hindus    c) Muslims

15) In which arts form are you likely to see a ‘diva?’

????????Did you know????????

The earliest version of Cinderella story was found in a Chinese book written about 850 AD.  The version we know was introduced in Europe in 1697.

Internet Challenge:

a) Read about the origins of some other fairytales.

b)Find out how many movies have been made based on the Cinderella story.

c) Find an early text and a modern text of Cinderella and compare them

Family Quiz 2



1) How many days are there in 12 weeks?

2) Which insects spreads malaria?

3) What is a ‘eucalyptus gum?’

4) The Berlin Wall was torn down in which century?

19th, 20th or 21st

5) Is the apostrophe in this sentence in the correct place?

The men’s uniform.

6) What is the main artery in our body?

7) Gaelic football is played in which country?

8) How many years are there between 2004 and 1968?

9) ‘Audiovisual’ is made up of two words meaning s….. and s……

10) A decorated Norway spruce signifies what time of the year?

Extra for Experts

11) Catherine the Great was a German princess who ended up ruling R ….

12) Arabic is written from right to left.

True or False

13) Which is third in alphabetical order –

weight, wait, way, weighed

14) Are the bagpipes usually associated with

Australia, Scotland or England?

15) What are the three primary colours?

General Knowledge Quiz 1


1) What is triple 23?    2) Is the scorpion an insect, an arachnid or neither of these?

3) Which word comes from combining the first two letters of the greek alphabet?

4) In 1773, a group of locals dumped a cargo of tea from British ships that were anchored in which US harbour?

5) Which is not a verb?

a) catch    b) manage    c) active

6) Which sea does not exist?

a) Black   b) Yellow   c) Blue   d) Red

7) In which game is Pele’  regarded as possibly the greatest player ever?

8) How many edges does a cube have?

9) Orville and Wilbur Wright invented the first powered .. ?

10) Does a deciduous tree drop its leaves?