Quiz of the Week

  1. Write one thousand and sixty-three as a digit.
  2.  Green, leatherback and loggerhead are types of:

a) dog      b) crocodile    c) turtles

3) What colour is in the middle light of a set of traffic lights?

4) The Berlin …. fell in 1989.

5) What is a female sheep called?

6) A famous soccer competition in the FA ….

7) What, starting with with ‘s’, is a type of boat that travels underwater.

8) Which British princess died in a car crash in 1997?

9) Where would you wear a bangle?

10) A kimono is a traditional Irish costume. True or False.

11) Can a violin be played  with a bow?

12) What does lava come out of when it erupts?

13) What kid of animal was Charlotte in Charlotte’s web?

14) On which part of the body are the taste buds?

15) What, starting with ‘L’, is the capital of Peru?

Internet Challenge:

List the titles of any other children’s books E B White wrote.

Find out when Charlotte’s Web was published.

List the names of the main characters in the book and what type of character each is; E.g. Charlotte – Spider

Quiz of the Week

1) Lucy has $10.  She spends $4.80 at the shops.  How much does she have left?

2) Reptiles are cold-blooded.

True or False?

3) How many items make up a ‘trio’?

4) What happened to the Titanic in 1912?

5) Which of these is a synonym for ‘hungry?

a) ravenous  b) thirsty   c) glutton

6) Mohammed…… was a famous boxer.

7) What piece of computer equipment do you mainly use to move the cursor around the screen?

8) Which actor provided the voice of Woody in the movie Toy Story?

9) Peanuts grow underground.

True or False?

10) Whose birth do Christians celebrate on the 25th December?

11) Who sang Love Me Tender? Elvis …

12) What, starting with ‘s’, is a combination of smoke and fog?

13)  The character from Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland with an enormous grin was the …..Cat.

14) How many kidneys does a person usually have?

15) What, starting with ‘i’, is a piece of land completely surrounded by water.