PM for the Day

PM for the Day

If I were the PM competition

What would you do if you were the Prime Minister of Australia? We’re inviting Australian students to put their political thinking caps on and share their ideas with us in a 30-second video.

Five finalists will have their videos broadcast on ABC Behind the News and the winner will also be interviewed on ABC Radio on RN Afternoons.

Entries close: 5pm, 23 June 2016

The Rules and How to Enter

What would you do if you were the Prime Minister of Australia? We’re inviting Australian students to put their political thinking caps on and share their ideas with us in a 30-second video.

To enter, decide what your main ideas are for Australia and what your policies would be (what would you change and why, who you would try to assist). You could write a script to help you remember the key points.

Then, ask a friend or relative to take a 30-second video of you outlining the ideas you would introduce if you were Prime Minister.

Once your video is finished, you can upload it to the competition using the Enter Now button on this page.

Entries open: 12pm, 27 May 2016

Entries close: 5pm, 23 June 2016

The Rules

Here at ABC Splash we have some special rules to make sure everyone stays safe and has fun.

We know rules are boring and we hate being boring (ho hum, yawn, scritch, zzZZz) but when you’re hanging out online it’s seriously important that you know what is expected of you – and of everyone else.

Remember: entries that do not follow these rules may be rejected by our moderators.

1. Be cybersmart!

In online spaces, it’s SUPER important that you are careful about revealing details about yourself and other people, so on ABC Splash we ask that you use a secret identity – your display name – and not your real name.

Remember that what you publish on the web is there for the whole world to see – not just your friends and family. Make sure you keep yourself and others safe by making sure you don’t post anything that could enable others to contact or locate you (or them) online or offline.

Some of the things to be careful about not mentioning or filming are:

·         Real names

·         Addresses / locations / street signs

·         Places you or your friends hang out / events

·         Email addresses, phone numbers, web addresses

·         References to other online profiles or accounts

2. Tell your parents what you’re doing

Visiting online spaces is just like visiting places in the real world – your parents like to know where you’re hanging out. So tell them about what you’re making and uploading here, and if you want to check out other parts of the ABC website that are made for adults, please get their permission first.

3. Be nice!

Always treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Don’t pick on other people. Every person has the right to feel safe from bullying – and that includes being safe from bullying in online spaces.

Be careful not to include any material that might be seen as hurtful, defamatory, discriminatory or threatening or that encourages people to be unsafe.

Let’s keep the web friendly!

4. Get permission

Copying or ripping off other people’s work isn’t cool in the real world and it isn’t cool online – so make sure the stuff you upload is all your own work.

If you do want to include something made by somebody else, make sure you have their permission both to use their work and upload to this website. The sorts of things you commonly need to get permission to include: music, video clips, photos/images, audio, text, logos and trademarks.

It’s also important to respect people’s privacy, so make sure you have the consent of all the people you feature in any video or image you use, and don’t post personal details about other people. You need to have signed written consent and releases from all people who appear in your photos or videos, and if you are working with 16-and-under year olds you’ll need their parent’s consent too.

To help you out with this, we’ve created a template Participant Release form that you can download and use.

Also, be aware of brand logos (whether they’re on someone’s t-shirt or a can of drink): if there is undue prominence of a brand in your photo or video we may need to reject it.

Remember the big important rule: If you haven’t been given permission to use it – don’t include it in any photos or videos you upload!

5. Keep it G-Rated!

Members of the ABC Splash audience may be younger than you are and we need to keep our space happy and safe for everyone.

Do not upload anything in your photos or videos that may disturb or upset other viewers. So, nothing rude, violent, discriminating, hurtful, etc – you know what we mean!

A good rule of thumb is: If it wouldn’t appear during daytime on ABC3 TV, don’t submit it online.

6. Sharing your content

Remember, only upload your content to this site if you don’t mind sharing it with everyone and you are happy for the ABC to be able to use your contributions on ABC websites, in ABC apps and maybe for broadcast on ABC TV.

By uploading your Work, you grant the ABC free of charge a licence to use, reproduce, distribute, transmit and communicate your Work, any version of it, and all underlying works embodied in the Work for non-commercial, non-revenue earning purposes through any and all media, including online, or by broadcast, theatrical or non-theatrical display, for the duration of the copyright in the Work, anywhere throughout the world and to edit, adapt and modify your Work as necessary for any of these purposes.