Learning Intention

We are learning about explorers.

Success Criteria

You will know you’ve been successful when you can:

  1. Select an explorer or your choice. (Showbie – 3/4/5 History pg 8 has some ideas)
  2. Research the name, DOB, Country of Birth, DOD. (Pg 2)
  3. Explain the purpose of the and main events of the explorers journey. (pg 3)
  4. Show on the map the route the explorer took. (pg 5)



Research information about the transportation and Crew. (pg 4)

If you have no idea who to select:

James Cook


Showbie app – 3/4/5 History – Explorers (use the icons at the top of the screen to help you write or type onto the sheet.)

Here’s the report incase you have trouble getting onto Showbie.

Explorer Report

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