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We are learning about systems of the body.

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# Identify the 3 main muscle types. (blog comments)

# Explain how the muscular system works. (blog comments)


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11 thoughts on “Health – Muscular System

  1. Identify the 3 main muscle types. Three main muscle groups voluntary involuntary and skeletal

    # Explain how the muscular system works.
    It what makes us move around

  2. The 3 main muscles in your body are the Cardiac, Smooth and Skeletal.

    The muscles work with bones and the joints hold the muscles and bones together like one team is working together and that helps you with your movements of the body.

  3. 1. From my understanding the three main muscles types are called Cardiac, Skeletal and Smooth

    2. The Muscular System needs quite a few things to function such as Mobility, Stability, Posture, Respiration, Digestion, Urination and Childbirth

  4. In mobile or fix joints
    Semi or mobile joints
    Mobile joints

    The Muscular system works by connecting the bones together and then the joints so then you can move when you want to.

  5. # Identify the 3 main muscle types. (blog comments)

    1. Immobile or fixed muscles 2.semi- mobile 3. Mobile

    # Explain how the muscular system works.

    Musculoskeletal system is made out of muscle fibres, the muscles join to the organs, blood vessels and bone which are mainly in charge of body movement. Mostly all movement in the body comes from muscle contraction.

    Maybe more facts coming

  6. # Identify the 3 main muscle types.
    Voluntary, involuntary and tendons.
    # Explain how the muscular system works.
    Muscles are between our bone and skin, they are
    Joined to our bones through tendons.

  7. 1. Skeletal muscle, Smooth muscle, cardiac muscle
    2. It works by making “contractions” to generate movement, or to beat your heart, or to digest your food (through the oesophagus) a part of the digestive system, & is a muscular tube. It connects your mouth to your stomach.

  8. The main function of the muscular system is movement. Muscles are the only tissue in the body that has the ability to contract and therefore move the other parts of the body. Related to the function of movement is the muscular system’s second function: the maintenance of posture and body position.

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