Author Study

Learning Intention

We are learning about the author Roald Dahl.

Success Criteria

You will know you’ve been successful when you can:

# State 5 facts about Roald Dahl. (blog comments)

# Record the titles of the books Roald Dahl wrote. (blog comments)

# Listen to either George’s Marvellous Medicine (1 hr 13 mins) or Matilda (3 hr 47 mins).

Roald Dahl Books

Monday, Tuesday & Thursday x30 minutes per day.

16 thoughts on “Author Study

  1. He has written 50 books in his career.
    Was born in 1960.
    Spoke Norwegian when at home with family members.
    He went to 3 different schools.
    He is very good at sports.
    Is a very tall man.

  2. Roald Dahl a famous British writer.
    And a pilot fighter in World War 2.
    Roald spoke Norwegian.
    Roald went to 3 different schools in different places.
    Roald was very good at sports and very tall.

  3. Roll Dahl served as a pilot for the air force in World War II
    He wrote over 50 books in his author career
    He was born in 1916 in Wales
    He was named after the Explorer from Poland Road Amundsen who was the first person to reach the South Pole.
    Well Dale went to 3 different schools around the country including one as a boarding school.

  4. 1.He was a fly the pilot.
    2. He wrote over 50 books.
    3. He went to 3 schools.
    4. He was born in 1916.
    5. left Royal Air Force Base in August 1946.

  5. 1: – Roald Dahl fought in WW2 as a spy
    – Roald Dahl invented over 500 new words
    – Roald Dahl wrote his books in his shed
    – His books are inspired by thing around him
    – His first ever children’s book was The Gremlins

  6. Charlie and the chocolate factory, the BFG, Matilda, the witches, James and the giant peach, fantastic Mr Fox, Danny the champion of the world, Esio trot, the magic finger, Boy tales of childhood, the giraffe and Peli & me, gboy tales of childhood the giraffe and Pelion me & going solo.

  7. 1. Roald Dahl was a Royal Air Force fighter pilot in 1940.

    2. He worked on his books mostly in the shed on a old arm chair.

    3. In 1940 Roald Dahl was badly hurt in a plane crash, the fuel was empty and the plane just fell.

    4. Roald Dahl went to three different schools.

    5. He has worked with famous people like Abraham Lincoln.

  8. 1. He was named after a famous explorer
    2. He liked sport
    3. He liked chocolate
    4. His sister died of appendicitis
    5. He wrote four hours a day it is believed he had a schedule from(10am-12am and 4pm-6pm.

  9. 1. He served as a fighter pilot in WW2.
    2. He wrote almost 50 books in he’s writing Korea.
    3. He was born in Llandaff, Cardiff Wales, in 1916.
    4. He was named after a Norwegian polar explorer.
    5. In 1942 he became a British diplomat.

  10. He was 74 years old when he died. Most of his books were written in his shed The BFG means the big friendly giant. A peach was bigger and prettier. He went to 3 schools.

  11. Boy tales of child hood, the witches, going solo, Charlie and the chocolate factory, the BFG, George’s marvellous medicine, James and the giant peach, Esio trot, the magic finger, fantastic mr fox, the twits, the giraffe and the pelican and me, the gremlins.

  12. Ronald Dahl was a fighter in world war 2
    Ronald Dahl was buried In 1990
    Ronald Dahl was buried with is fav stuff
    Ronald Dahl wrote most of his novels in his garden shed.
    Ronald Dahl never leant to type.

  13. Matilda, BFG , gorge and the marvellous medical, George and the giant peach. The witch’s ,the twits, going solo.

  14. He was a WW2 pilot.

    He went to 3 schools.

    He loved sports.

    He is named after a Norwegian polar Explorer.

    He wrote almost 50 books.

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