Newspaper Articles

Learning Intention

We are learning about newspaper articles.

Success Criteria

You will know you’ve been successful when you can:

# Read a newspaper article.

# Identify the essential elements of a newspaper article.


Watch the video – Writing a Newspaper Article.

I’ll also add this link into Showbie GPA4 – Writing

  • Read together.
  • ¬†Identify the essential elements in this text by highlighting (colour coding) each part; Lead, Byline, Story, Photo Caption, anything else you notice.
  • Elements of a Newspaper Article


One thought on “Newspaper Articles

  1. The headline is community artful giving the byline is Alexis Bumah the photo captions are hard at work Chelsea and her family fill up the art kits and deliver them by hand or by mail and arms wide open Chelsea has big dreams to have all kids to have access to art the whole article is the story and the lid is Chelsea is 10 she wants to use art to make a difference she spoke to the TFK kid reporter Alexis Bumah about her charity.

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