Impacts to the Environment – North America

Learning Intention

We are learning about man-made impacts on the environment.


Success Criteria

You will know you’ve been successful when you can:

# Explain the history of the Hoover Dam.

#Research a man-made change to the environment.



Did  you know that there is a massive man made dam in North America that distributes water and is responsible for the development of cities including Las Vegas?

a) Do you know what it is called?

Your task is to research a man-made change to the environment in Europe or North America. You can do this on Venice, The Hoover Dam, or find one of your choice. 

Use Keynote for your work.

Page 1 Title & Name

Page 2 – Contents

Page 3 – Geography 

Page 4 – Map

Page 4 – History & Photos

Page 5 – Construction: how and why it was constructed.

Page 6 – Changes/Impact to theEnvironment

Be sure to include the changes that it has made to the environment.P


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