Healthy Eating 1

Learning Intention

We are learning about healthy eating.

Success Criteria

You will know when you’ve been successful when you can:

# Explain the meaning of ‘healthy eating’.


a) View the video – Healthy Eating


Australian Guide to Healthy Eating


b) What does healthy eating mean to you? (blog comments)


c)) Complete the ‘What’s on your plate task.

Showbie Task – GPA3 – Health

What’s on your plate?


5 thoughts on “Healthy Eating 1

  1. You can not get sick
    You can’t die from sugar
    And you will not get fat
    Yes it is okay if you eat a little bit of unhealthy stuff but most of the stuff you should eat is healthy

  2. What does healthy eating mean to you? Healthy eating to me means balancing the food that I eat, e.g.if i ever eat all of my vegetables of my dinnerplate I might get a treat like a Tim Tam or a lolly snake that’s what balancing means to me and it is okay to eat sometimes food every now and again. But also to eat vegetables and protein more.

  3. Healthy eating to me means having lots of fruit and veggies each day, as well as having protein such as a meat and a little bit of sugar every day.
    🍉🍎 🥔🥕🥦 🍪 🥩

  4. To me healthy eating means eating lots of fruit, vegetables,legumes/beans and not much animal products (meat,cheese,milk,yoghurt).

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