Brain Break – Exercise Workout

Learning Intention

We’re learning to stay healthy and fit.

Success Criteria

You will know you’ve been successful when you can:

# Follow the Instructor.


Most effective exercise?

Least effective exercise?



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5 thoughts on “Brain Break – Exercise Workout

  1. Most effective exercise?
    The most effective exercise was the squats jumping left & right.
    Least effective exercise?
    The least effective exercise was the knee pushups.

  2. Most effective exercise? knees squad

    Least effective exercise? eight high knees and one Burpee

  3. Most effective exercise? The push-ups I hurt my arms and I got really puffed

    Least effective exercise? The Side lunges they really didn’t do much they made my leg a little bit sore but they weren’t as bad as the others

  4. The most effective excercise was probably the 2 last one, the easiest was the 8 high knees and burpee exercise

  5. The one that most affected me was this side squats when you squatted one side and the other side .

    The least affective one was the last exercise that we did push-up one and two out yet and back down and then we did another push-up and then the other hand with a straight arm .

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