Information Report

Learning Intention

We are learning to write an information report with sub-headings.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Use sub-headings in your report.

# Research and use facts about Victoria to write a report.



Watch the video to learn more about our state.


  1. Use the links above to help guide your research on writing an information report on Victoria, Australia.

Helpful research links:

Victoria Facts

Visit Victoria

Flora & Fauna

Victoria’s History


Exemplar Information Report – What I’m looking for:


Write an information report about Victoria, Australia.

Subheadings should include:


Geography Рlocation, climate, neighbouring states, population, area, flag , flora  & fauna etc.

History – The beginning, , The Eureka Stockade etc

Features – what can you do in Victoria, places to visit in Victoria.


Pages App – Centre text, Title, Name (first & last name)

Your report should be one page long (reduce the text size) (Use headings & Sub-headings)


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