Informative Writing Part 4

Learning Intention

We will identify and explore the structure of informative texts.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

  • Identify a ‘reliable source’ of information?
  • Identify what text features might you find in an informative text?
  • Write your own information report.


  1. Watch the videos and look at the expected structure for an information Report.

How to Write an Information Report

In blog comments write down the structure of an information report

2. Write an information Report about your favourite type of animal.

a) Pages app.

b) Centre text.

c) Write the title at the top and your name underneath.

d) On the grey line at the top of the page write in the title again.

e) Write 5 paragraphs about your favourite type of animal. Follow the structure of the link above – ‘How to write an information report.’

f) Submit your work to Showbie – Writing – Information Reports

10 thoughts on “Informative Writing Part 4

  1. The structure of a informative text is…
    A topic sentence
    A detailed sentence
    An example sentence

  2. Writing an informative text.

    To classify and/or describe.

    Introduce your topic.

    Organise your information
    in paragraphs using topic sentences.


  3. #WhatIsTheCorrectStructureOfTheInformativeText
    First you need an introduction which took the reader and also introduces the topic, you need facts related to your topic. Your paragraph must include quotes from reliable sources to help support your facts. You should use headings and sub headings. You also must include pictures with captions.

  4. The first sentence is a topic, the next sentence tell us about the topic, and the next sentence is the evidence sentence.

  5. I really enjoyed the information report I found it fun learning about my favourite animal and how to write an information report.

  6. 1 Title, & the name who it is written by
    2 introduction, giving us an idea what the text is going to be about
    3 paragraph 1, 1 interesting fact
    4 paragraph 2, another interesting fact
    5 paragraph 3 yet another interesting fact

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