Brain Break – Hip Hop

Lesson Intention

We are learning to stay fit and healthy.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Follow the instructor.

# Reflect on your performance.

2. Reflect on how well you did during this 20 minute workout.



7 thoughts on “Brain Break – Hip Hop

  1. I personally thought that it was really fun, but it was also SUPER tiring. I would definitely do it again though

  2. The hip-hop was pretty fun I find it very fast I learnt from the moves, one thing they can prove on is slowing it down. I like the bright colours that were on the background made me want to do the hip-hop dance I would rate it a three out of 5.

  3. I did enjoy doing the dance it’s very tiring to do but also fun I enjoy doing it but some of it was very very hard .

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