Money & Financial Maths 3

Learning Intention

We are learning about money and financial maths

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Identify the unique parts of a financial plan

# Participate in lesson about money.



  1. Open the link Financial Plan.
  2. Copy it into your maths dictionary.
  3. Attend the Maths Lessons as schedules below.

Maths Dictionary – 

Financial Plan

Powerpoint Lessons

Lesson with Teacher @ 11:00am (please be online)

Tameka, Abi, Caitlin, Edwina, Harry, Meg, Nate, Stari, Clancy, Dakota


Lesson with Teacher @ 11:30am (please be online)

Finn, Emma, Tash


3 thoughts on “Money & Financial Maths 3

  1. What do you know about money and financial maths?
    Money and financial maths isn’t always about the coins and notes. You can use other things like eggs, firewood and apples. If you want some firewood from the person who has firewood wants it and you have eggs you can trade together to get what you both want. But you have to be sure that what you’re selling is divisible, portable, durable, recognisable, and scarce. 💸💰💶$

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