Sustaining our World – Sustainability

Learning Intention

Students will investigate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ views about sustainability.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can demonstrate an understanding of Indigenous people and how they:

  •   have a deep connection to their Country/Place
  • take only what they need to survive from the land and water
  • adapt to the environment in which they live.



Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that some of the content in this lesson may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.


Group Read – Sustainability (pg 2-6) teacher to read pg 7.

Finn, Stari, Tash, Clancy, Emma

Caring for our Environment

  1. Watch the video – What is Sustainability?

2. What do you think sustainability is? Can you give an example? – Blog comments


3. Read through the Powerpoint and respond to the questions (slide 7) using Classdojo Portfolios videos.

Caring for our Environment

10 thoughts on “Sustaining our World – Sustainability

  1. What I think sustainability is. Maintaining the world we live in, recycling thing that you don’t want. Not using plastic bags when you go to the supermarket, when something is broken instead of buying a new one try to fix it.

  2. I think sustainability is using things that have already been used and an example of sustainability is washing machine water. It normally goes down the sink but if you attach a special hose to the washing machine you can collect the water and have it run out onto your lawn or garden.

  3. You have to be careful with sustainability because you don’t want to do non sustainability because it really isn’t good for earth 🌏 because it’s making earth become full of stuff like plastic and to stop that we need to only take what we need and leave the rest to earth .

  4. I Believe sustainability is a adjective, and it means to maintain or to keep, for example, fossil fuels come from animals from about millions of years ago; and if we continue using the amount that we use today it will run out before we have any more so this is not sustainable .

  5. Sustainability is something that will never run out. If you want to be sustainable ask yourself, can I do this forever.

  6. I think sustainability is thinking responsibly about how we treat and use the earth. An example of treating the earth well is going to the supermarket with recyclable bags. A bad example of treating the earth well is using coal to power your electricity and power in your house house

  7. Sustainable items can be reused but non sustainable thing aren’t around for ever, so we have to be careful with the way we use it so many generations on can use them.

  8. #1 How would a hunter-gatherer adapt to your local area?
    #2 List the natural features and natural resources that would be useful to a hunter-gatherer.
    Kangaroos/Animals: Strong string ,food and coats.
    Cobble stone/wood: Fire.
    The area that I live in has all of these materials but the life stile is different,
    So hunter-gatherers could possibly adapt.

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