Money & Financial Maths 1

Learning Intention

We are learning about money and financial maths.

Success Criteria

You will know you’ve been successful when you can:

# Identify and record the meanings for the words associated with financial maths.


  1. View the powerpoint for financial maths.
  2. AustralianMoneyFinancialMathsPP

3. In your Maths Dictionary record all the words in the Powerpoint associated with financial maths.

a) Title – Money & Financial Maths

b) Words + definitions (colour code)

c) Take photo and send to me Microsoft Teams


4. Extension Task – extra credit

Birthday Party budgeting – Showbie – Mathematics


Group 1 – Harry, Nate, Meg

Group 2 – Stari, Tameka, Dakota, Clancy, Abi, Caitlin, Edwina

Group 3 – Emma, Finn, Tash

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