Sustaining our World – Natural Resources

Lesson Intention

Students will identify some natural resources and where they come from.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

  •  Identify the meaning of the terms ‘renewable’ and ‘non-renewable.’
  • Find items around your home that are renewable.


  1. Read through the Powerpoint presentation – Natural Resources

Natural Resources


2. Natural Resources – Home Hunt Activity – share what you find by taking a photo of at least 5 items. (ClassDojo – Portfolios)


3. Watch the video – Natural Resources.

4. Explain the meaning of renewable and non-renewable resources. (Blog comments)


5. Complete the Activity – Where do natural resources come from?

Showbie – GPA2 – Sustainability

Natural Resources Task

12 thoughts on “Sustaining our World – Natural Resources

  1. I learnt that renewable means being replaced from time to time.
    And non-renewable means not able to be renewed.

  2. Renewable means you can Reuse it over and over again, and it will stay on earth for a long time.

    Non renewable means you have to be more careful of them because they took a long time to make.

  3. Nonrenewable energy resources, like coal, nuclear, oil, and natural gas, are available in limited supplies. Renewable energy resources like the sun, water and air can be used over and over again. (We probably will never run out of renewable resources).

    Nonrenewable resource items like plastic can only be used once,
    Renewable resource items like metal knifes, forks and spoons can be used many times once you have washed it. 🥄🍴

  4. I learned that non renewable does not break down and renewable can break down and helps you and I live

  5. Nonrenewable resource item like plastic can only be used once.

    Renewable resource items like metal knives forks and spoons can be used many times what do you have washed it.

  6. Coal and oil are not renewable resources. One day we will run out of them.
    Water and the sun are renewable resources because we can use them again. We should use Unrenewable resources less and renewable more.

  7. Renewable resources are resources that can be replaced again and again and again.Non renewable Resources, our resources that aren’t as easily replaced/made which means that we have to conserve them.

  8. Renewable means you can re-use it over and over again

    Non Renewable means we have to be more carefully with the things we use because it takes a long time to grow

  9. I have just learnt that non-renewable energy resources such as Natural Gas, Oil, Nuclear and Coal. Those are some of the items that can only be purchased in small amounts. Meaning that you can’t buy a lot of it at one time.

    Renewable Resources means that once you have used it once you can use it over and over again.

    Can’t give you credit if you don’t write your name.

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