Learning Intention

We are learning about Gallipoli.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Locate on a map, the significant places on the Gallipoli Peninsula.

# Read the text ‘For the Fallen’; fluently and with expression.

# Answer the questions to the text with 80% accuracy.


  1. Look at the map of the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey.

2. Fill in the blank map on (Showbie РGPA2 РAnzac Day)  to accurately locate the places.


3. Read the text – ‘For the Fallen.’ Focus on Fluency and Expression

For the Fallen 

Group 1 – Read to teacher (Meg, Harry, Nate, Edwina)

Group 2 – Record yourself reading two stanzas (paragraphs) of the poem and upload to Classdojo Porfoilios. ( Dakota, Tameka, Clancy, Caitlin, Stari, Abi)

Group 3 – Record yourself reading the whole poem and upload to Classdojo Portfolios. (Finn, Emma, Tash)


Extension Task – (extra credit will be given for completing this task.)

Complete the questions about the poem – ‘For the Fallen’.

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