Long Division (Year 4,5,6)

Learning Intention:

We are learning how to do long division.

Success Criteria:

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Recall and use the formula for long division.

# Record the example below in your maths dictionary.

# Use long division to solve problems with 60%+ accuracy.

# Explain the process to others (in chat/phone.)

Skills Check: Whiteboard & Pen, Listen to lesson,  Participate, Teach another person


Division without Remainders

Long Division Questions

Division with Remainders

Long Division Questions with Remainders

Emma – division and the brackets rule

Maths Dictionary


16/4 Finn, Tash and Emma

Division with 2 digits

Showbie – Mathematics – Division with zeros in the answer

21 thoughts on “Long Division (Year 4,5,6)

  1. Today I learnt that long division is not hard as long as you remember the steps:
    It is sort of like doing little puzzles to get one answer altogether.

  2. I was not understanding but I learnt what order to figure out long division, Divide, Multiply, Subtract, Bring next digit down, Repeat-Remainder.

  3. I learnt that the letters
    D ivision
    M ultiply
    S ubtract
    B bring the next digit down
    R emainder

  4. Today in our long division lesson I learned how to easily remember the steps of it. I liked to use the the letters so I wouldn’t forget. This is demonstration of the way I like to learn it.



  5. I learnt the way to remember long division:
    D- Division➗
    M- Multiply ✖️
    S- Subtract ➖
    B- Bring it down ⬇️
    R- Repeat🔃

  6. I learned that there are three ways yo write the steps for long division.

    1) D 2) D ./. 3) ./.
    M M x x
    S S – –
    B B | |
    —– —— ——
    R R :/: :/:

  7. Dear Miss Johnson,
    I have watched the video 2 times (like you said) but I still don’t understand it. Have you got any ideas that can help?

  8. I learnt that there is a pattern

    D (divide
    S (subtract)
    M (multiply)
    B (bring it down)
    R (remainder)

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