Thinking Positively (Yr 4-6)

Learning Intention

We are learning about thinking positively.


Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Listen and respond to Mojos thoughts and feelings.



  1. Watch the video Fact or Fiction.
  2. Copy the link into comments
  3. Your response (capital letters and full stops)
  4. Repeat 2 & 3 until finished.


  Video – Mojo – Fact or Fiction

Discussion:Mojo has an embarrassing slip up and is devastated by what his classmates must think of him. But is the story in his head fact or just his imagination?

Answer all of the questions in comments.


  • What happened that made Mojo so embarrassed? What are the facts?

  • Mojo tells himself a story, imagining what his friends think of him. What is the difference between the story he tells himself and the facts of what actually happened?

  • Why might the made up stories we tell ourselves make us sad?

8 thoughts on “Thinking Positively (Yr 4-6)

  1. Mojo tripped over by the frisbee and landed on the food table and he thought that everyone would call him names and be rude for the rest of his life. Mojo made up a story when he fell he told himself that everyone would be mean and rude when actually it was an accident and it wasn’t true. This made me sad because he was going through a lot of stories and memories that weren’t true but when his friend came and said I will be right it made me happy.

  2. what made Mojo embarrassed?
    that he made up a story and be a bike for the rest of his life.

    no one really laughed at him.

    because we think it actually happened.

  3. It all started when mojo tripped over the frisbee, which made him land on the food table. That is when it all started. Since he tripped everyone has been calling him mean names and being very disrespectful. So Mojo began to just tell everyone that it was fake and even if he did do it then it was on accident. I felt kind of sad because it is basically just straight bullying.

  4. # Listen and respond to Mojos thoughts and feelings.
    Mojo slipped on a frisbee on his way to the snack table, he imagined that all his friends hated him and everyone would remember the moment forever, he didn’t realise he was just exaggerating in his imagination, his friend Katie had to help him remember what was real and what he was making up.


  5. Mojo tripped over a frisbee and landed on the food table he imagined everyone hating him and riding a bike down the street and being homeless

  6. #What happened that made Mojo so embarrassed?
    He slipped on a frisbee and ruined the snack table.

    # what is the difference between facts and Mojos story
    No one actually laughed at him, they actually hoped that he was alright, he never had a permanent bad record and people liked him just the same as they always had.

    # Why might the stories we make up make us ☹️ sad
    Because if we focus on the bad and make up story’s we won’t be living in reality and will feel sorry for ourselves, and if you tell your self a lie again and again you will believe it.

  7. Q1 he thought that he was embarrassed and then no one is going to forget about it

    Q2 the actual thing that happened was that he ran and tripped and he was scared that people would never forget it but that never happened

    Q3 they can hurt our feelings and feel sad and then if you focus on that one thing that means you are missing out on the fun .

    He tripped on his frisbee and crashed into the ice cream sandwiches.
    The story he told himself was that all his friends would hate him, and his teacher would always hate him and he’d never get a job and he’d have to become a biking rebel. The facts were that everyone was just checking if he was okay. They weren’t laughing at him.
    Because they are sad stories. They are tragic!

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