Netiquette (4-6)

Learning Intention

We are learning how to speak to teachers and our friends online.

Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Define the term ‘Netiquette.’

# Give at least 5 examples of Netiquette.

# Practise using these skills when speaking with others and working online.


  1. Watch the video about Netiquette.
  2. Select 5 rules you are going to focus on. (write in comments)
  3. Explain how you are going to show Netiquette when working online with your teacher and friends. (write in comments)



14 thoughts on “Netiquette (4-6)

  1. respecting other people’s privacy.
    respond to the person in your life if there’s a bad text.
    don’t put it in capital letters like you’re yelling.
    to behave properly.
    be nice

  2. # Give at least 5 examples of Netiquette.
    1# Do not write in capital letters
    2# respecting other people‘s privacy
    3# remember when you put something online it can go anywhere
    4# it’s something meant to be funny put a smiley emoji at the end
    5# you get a bad text don’t respond

  3. # Define the term ‘Netiquette.’
    Netiquette means a set of rules for everyone to be nice online.

  4. Respecting other people’s privacy

    If you say something and you mean it as a joke just put a smiley face at the end

    Don’t reply to strangers

  5. When I am online I will check who I am sending things to. I will make shore I no the people I am sending it to. I will make shore That i am using kind words putting a capital letter and a full stop.

  6. 1) Not use exclamation marks more then once in the one sentence.
    2) Use punctuation more frequently, even though I already use it a little.
    I have other rules I need to focus on but I will give examples of good Netiquette.
    3) Use manners, please and thank you.
    4) Treat people with respect.
    5) Don’t use capital letters unless necessary or to emphasise your point.

  7. # Examples of Netiquette
    1. Be kind and treat people with respect.
    2. If you get a rude message don’t respond, tell a adult you trust.
    3. Use punctuation properly.
    4. Don’t make faces behind the camera if you are video chatting to someone.
    5. Respect people’s privacy.

  8. Rules of Netiquette…
    1. Talk and use your expressions online as you would in real life.
    2. Remember once you get something online you can’t get it off.
    3. Use emojis more often so people can see how you’re feeling.
    4. Don’t use capital letters and !’s in simple sentences.
    5. If someone doesn’t say something nice to you online talk to them in real life if you know them.


  9. Rules of Netiquette:
    1) If you receive a bad text go and meet them in person
    2) Don’t put things in capital letters because people on the other side might think you are yelling
    3) Remember that once something is online it can go any where
    4) Respect peoples privacy
    5) If you get a rude message, don’t respond, Tell a adult you trust

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