Charlotte’s Web (Yr4-6)

Learning Intention

We are listening to the audio book ‘Charlotte’s Web and then demonstrating our understanding of the text.


Success Criteria

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Predict what you think will happen in this story and justify your reasoning.

# Listen to a chapters (1-4), (5-8), (9-12), (13-16), (17-19) then complete tasks in Showbie.

# Complete the tasks associated with each chapter.

Charlotte’s Web Tasks

Predict – Why do you think the author named this text Charlotte’s web? (comment section)

24/3   Showbie – GPA2 – Charlottes’s Web Chapters 1-4

                                    25/3         Showbie – GPA 2 – Charlotte’s Web Chapters 5-8

25/3          Showbie – GPA 2 – Charlotte’s Web Chapters 9-12

26/3 Showbie GPA2 – Charlotte’s Web Chapters 13-16

26/3 Showbie GPA 2 – Charlotte’s Web Chapters 17-19


7 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Web (Yr4-6)

  1. I think the author wrote this text because there might be a girl that finds a web web with a spider on it

  2. I think the author named the text charlottes web because Wilbur meets a friendly spider that makes a web in wilburs shed then Wilbur meets the friendly spider.

  3. Because spiders like wind up a web and it’s based around Charlotte who is the spider that’s why it’s called Charlotte’s Web

  4. I think the author named this text charlottes web because the spider is called Charlotte and she obviously lived in a web, Charlotte must have a big part in this story.

  5. I think the Author named it charlotte’s Web because the pig was named Charlotte and the spider made webs

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