Cartesian Planes

Lesson Intention

We are going to learn about a Cartesian Plane.


Success Criteria: you will know you have been successful when you can:

# Give a definition for a Cartesian Plane.

# Identify and name parts of a Cartesian Plane.

# Plot points on a Cartesian Plane.


Intro to the coordinate plane

Points on the coordinate plane

Interactive Cartesian Coordinates

Pirate Coordinates

Billy Bug


17 thoughts on “Cartesian Planes

  1. Billy Bug was a good game because it tested you if you know any part of coordinates. Pirate Coordinates was a good game because you have to see which picture goes with the words

  2. On the games my favourite one was Billy Bug because it was fun and I understood it better then the other games.

  3. What I need to learn:
    I have never heard of a cartesian plane before and I will need some help learning about them.

  4. I kind of know how to find a cartesian plane.
    I need to work on learning the mathmatical terms for them and how to write them.

  5. Abs

    Cartesian Planes are basically a grid with coordinates with ten squares on the Y axis and ten on the X axis.

  6. I do not have an understanding of a Cartesian Plane. I will be able to successfully identify and name a Cartesian plane

  7. Cartesian Planes

    Yes, I do understand what cartesian planes are. Cartesian planes are a type of grid, with a Y-axis, & an X-axix, as in all types of grids. Their are typically 10 lines on each axis, but their can be as many or as little as you want. However many you use to draw on one axis, their must be the same amount in the other. For example, if there are 10 lines in the Y axis, you must draw ten on the X axis. The number that you have chosen on each axis can be squared, and that is the amount of squares you will have throughout the entire grid/plane.

  8. I think that the websites helped me understand what Cartesian Planes are, but I think that the pirate game was easier than the rest it was more obvious. I could not access the Billy Bug website but that doesn’t matter.

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