Lesson Intention

We are going to learn about symmetry.

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Success Criteria –

you will know you have been successful when you can:

# Articulate a definition for the word ‘symmetrical.’

# Identify shapes and letters that are/are not symmetrical.

# Explain and show you understand (with 80%) accuracy on the quiz about rotational symmetry.


Identifying Symmetrical Figures

Symmetry Artist

Lines of Symmetry

Symmetry Quiz

Reflection Symmetry

Reflection Symmetry Quiz

Rotational Symmetry

In the comments section write which colour you are up to and explain what you need to do to improve your knowledge to get to the next stage.

Novicestarting to learn concept.
Apprentice – starting to get it, but need someone to help me.
Practioner – understand concept but sometimes make mistakes.
Expert – I understand the concept and can teach others.

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