Welcome to India

Today we are going to explore the Indian Culture

You will know you have been successful when you can:

# Learn the movements associated with Indian dance

Welcome to India

# Introduce yourself in Hindi

# Count from 1-10 in Hindi

# Use the Hindi language to greet others

# Write words using the Hindi language

Reflecting on our learning

q1) What was your favourite activity today and why?

q2) Which activity did you learn the most from? Please explain.

q3) Your choice of reflection.

22 thoughts on “Welcome to India

  1. The Indian dance at the last part of the day because we could learn Indian dance types which are traditional and moves that are used in the present

  2. Q1) My favourite activity of the indian day was the dance because it was a different type of dance to what I do out and in of school.😁

  3. 1) learning Hindi, because I think that learning it was not too hard and not too easy.
    2) when we learnt Hindi, because it tought us the Indian launguage.
    3) dancing and the river sheet, because dancing with the teacher tought us what Bollywood dance is like, and the river sheet upgraded our research skills.

  4. 1) Learning Hindi because it made me proud that I knew a language that is from a country my family originated from.
    2) Hindi because I now know how to greet people if I ever go to India
    3) Did you ever get embarrassed during the day?
    No because everyone was dressed up too so I fitted in.

  5. q1: Dancing because it was enjoyable and fun dancing with your friends.
    q2: The activity where we learnt how to speak Hindi and count 1 to 10 in Hindi because I never new how to do anything with Hindi.
    q3: It was a fun exiting experience and I was happy to be there.

  6. Question 1) I loved the whole day because we got to try different things and learn new stuff.
    Q 2) I learned from the speaking and writing Hindi. Since I love learning it was really enjoyable and I can practice.
    Q 3) I love day when you can come as another person or thing because we’re learning in the funnest way.

  7. 3)I also liked the dance when we followed the video because it is like normal dance but with costumes and Bollywood dance.

  8. Q1) I enjoyed learning the more modern Bollywood dance, as it was active, and we were learning about the culture through out it.

    Q2) I learned the most out of my Hindi self introduction, because I was able to memorise how to introduce myself in Hindi;
    namasTe, meera naam Jaimee hai, aap se milkar khushi hui.
    The translation for that is:
    Hello, my name is Jaimee, nice to meet you.

    Q3) I really enjoyed trying Indian food for the first time. Thanks to all of the parents as well that took the liberty of making us and bringing in our Indian food 🙂

  9. 1: The Indian dance at the end of the day because we could experience modern and traditional types of dances.
    2: The introduction activity. As we learned how to greet Indians in Hindi language.

    3: I didn’t like having to greet everyone with the Hindi sentence and counting 1-10 in Hindi.

  10. 1. I liked learning the Indian dance because it was fun learning all the different dance moves the Indians use.
    2. I learnt the most when we learnt to speak Indian.
    3. I loved the day and loved trying the Indian food.

  11. 1.My favourite activity was doing the Bollywood dance.
    2.I think the activity I leant the most from was learning about how to speak Hindi I can really remember how to say the two sentences namasTe maare naam Tyson Hai.Aap se milkar khushi hui.
    3.How come India’s eat different foods than Aussie’s?

  12. q1) I really liked the lunch because I tried delicious food I had never had before
    q2) I learnt the most from learning how to say the self introduction in Hindi
    q3) I think was very confident with my self introduction because I was practicing a lot

  13. Q2) I learned the most from the youtube videos because the only thing I knew how to say in Hindi was Namaste and I did’nt even know that was hindi.

  14. 1. I like doing the dance with the teacher
    2. Learning hindi because i learnt how to indroduce my self
    3. I like the india food that was cooked

  15. Q1: The best thing I liked is dancing in India.
    Q2: Learning Indian words in three mins because we can say nice to meet you and my name is Josh.
    Q3: Why do they dance so much.

  16. 1.My favourite one was the costumes because we all looked different.
    2. The dance because it shows me the culture.
    3. Why do Indians wear different cloths then me

  17. 1. I liked the dance at the end of the day.

    2. When we got to learn how to speak and count in Hindi

    3. Are most people poor?

  18. 1.Favourite activity was dancing with PB
    2.How to speak Hindi so then i can introduce myself
    3.Why do Indians speak diffrent and look different

  19. 1. Dancing because I love dance and it was fun to see how Bollywood dancing is like.
    2. Learning how to greet someone in Hindi because I learnt the most words and loved showing my parents what I could say.
    3. On Monday, throughout the day we learnt how to: Greet ourselves in hindi, count to 10 in Hindi, do a Hindi dance (one for the class on the projector and one with a professional Hindi dancer), and we did some Hindi pbl.

  20. Q1) The dancing in the afternoon because, we could learn so new Indi dance moves.

    Q 2) The activity I learn the most was, learning the Hindi language to greet others.

    Q 3) My favourite was dressing up.

  21. 1. The indian danceing in the afternoon because it was fun and we learnt move and danced even like indians.
    2. learning to speak Hindi on our peices of paper and watching vidios too help us speak Hindi.
    3. I liked trying all the new foods learning too speak Hindi and danceing and everything.

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