Poem Challenge

Learning Intention:

This week we are going to learn an Australia classic called “home among the gum trees’, by B Brown and W Johnson

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Success Criteria – you will know you have been successful when:

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# You can sing the song without words

# You can give thoughtful answers to the questions relating to ‘ the Australian way of life.’


  1. Write the meanings for each phrase:

a)  cookin’ up a roast

b) mull upon the porch

2) The singer of this song says she’s/he’s been around the world and visited many foreign places.  Yet it’s Australia that she/he adores.

What things does the singer like to do in Australia?

b) There are probably many things that you like to do here in your homeland; things that you can’t do anywhere else.  List five of these things.


One thought on “Poem Challenge

  1. 1) cookin up a roast means cooking up a Sunday dinner. Mull on the porch having a snack on the he porch.

    John Williamson likes to sing and write his songs out in the bush probably sinc that is what the song is about.
    B) also he likes to cook up a roast on Sunday.

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