Poetry Challenge

Learning Intention:

This week we are going to discuss, answer questions and sing the ballad, Waltzing Matilda  by Banjo Paterson


Success Criteria:

By the end of this week you be able to:

# Answer questions about the meaning of the poem

# take part in a competition (boys v girls) – Sound quality and articulation

Appreciating Poetry

1)What is a swagman?

2) Why is a billabong a good place to camp at?

3) How did the swagmen boil their billy?

4) What does ‘grabbed him with glee’ mean?

5) What kinds of food do you think the swagman  might have in his tucker bag?

6) How did the squatter arrive at the scene.

7) How do we know that the troopers arrived from a different direction than the squatter did?

8) What action of the swagman shows us that he was afraid of going to jail?

9) What do you think was the cause of the swagman’s death?

60 thoughts on “Poetry Challenge

  1. 1) A swagman is a person with very little.

    2) A billabong is good to camp at cause you can get the water to fill a billy to then have dinner.

    3) He had to collect dry wood and sticks and then mabye he had a match to light the fire with.

    4) He grabed the jumbuck with joy and excitement.

    5) He could have fruit and vegetables or some beans and toast or maybe some meat.

    6) The squatter (police) were on horses

    7) The troopers came after the squatter.

    8) He sprang into the billabong and said “You’ll never catch me alive”

    9) He drowned himself cause the police wouldn’t take a dead body.

  2. Answer
    1: someone who is poor
    2: because there is water
    3: he made a fire
    4: grabbed him in a happy mood
    5: foods that you can find and don’t go yucky
    6: he walked
    7: because he came after
    8: facial expressions
    9: he was under water for to long

  3. 2.Because you can cool down and the water is fresh and you can have a drink and it has nice shade

  4. 1) a homeless man
    2) because there is water and either food in it or food such as a jumbuck come to drink at it
    3) make a fire
    4) grabbed him happily

  5. 1)a swagman is a poor person
    2)because animals can get a drink
    3)by a fire
    4)he grabbed the jumbuck with joy and excitement
    5)foods that are other animals
    6)a police man road his horse
    7)they came from the east way
    8)he through his tucker bag and jumped with fright
    9)the swagman was under for to long

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