Maths Skills

Learning Intention

This week we are learning the 3x table, 2 & 3d properties, place value, fractions and 24 hour time.

Success Criteria – you will know you have been successful when you can:

# Accurately tell the answers for the 3x table.

# Identify 2 & 3D shape properties.

# Demonstrate your knowledge of place value using millions.

# Order and compare fractions.

#Convert 24 hour  time.

2D Shapes

2D Shapes

Image result for shape properties

Shape Properties

Place Value

Image result for place value

Place Value


Image result for ordering fractions

Comparing Fractions

Comparing & Ordering Fractions


Image result for 24 hour time

24 Hour Time

Image result for 24 hour time chart

24 Hour Time – Activity 1

24 Hour Time – Activity 2

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