English Skills

Learning Intention

This week we are going to learn about word roots, contractions, spelling strategy, adverbs and the suffix ‘ous.’

Success Criteria – you will know you have been successful when you can:

# Identify the origin of particular words.

# Give a definition for, and identify where to put an apostrophe.

# Use the spelling strategy LOOK,SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK to assist you in learning new words.

# Identify and use adverbs in sentences.

# Record words that end in the suffix ‘ous.’


Word Roots – (Latin, Greek etc)

geo (earth) – geography,

photo (light) – photography

terra (earth) – territory

peri (around) perimeter

vac (empty) vacant


Image result for contractions

Image result for contractions

Spelling Focus

 List 1                          List 2                                             List 3

laugh                                             oxygen                                                          chaos

address                                     tomorrow                                                    excitement

February                                    centre                                                             curiosity


Image result for adverb

Adverbs – (lessons)


Image result for suffix 'ous'



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