Maths Skills

Learning Intention

This week we are going to learn the definition for and how to use the following mathematics terms:

Palindromic Numbers, Ratio, Tessellations, Prime Numbers, Compass Points and Classifying Angles


Success Criteria – you will know you have been successful when:

SuccessCriteria(4)#You can identify a ratio in three different formats.            # You can identify the rules for tessellations

# You can locate the prime numbers on a number chart

# You can identify all of the compass points on a compass

# You can identify and classify angles.   #You identify and create your own palindromic numbers



Palindromic Numbers


Numbers that read the same backwards and forwards.

The number “17371” is a Palindromic Number.

“5” is also a Palindromic Number.

But “1234” is NOT, because backwards it is “4321” (not the same)



Ratios are a comparison of two items with the same unit.
Ratios can be written three different ways. 

Image result for ratio

Ratio Lesson



Image result for tessellation


Prime Numbers

Prime Numbers Task 1

Image result for prime numbers

Prime Numbers Task 2


Compass Points

Image result for compass points

Image result for compass points

Compass Points Activity




Classifying triangles by angles

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