Colour Poetry

Lesson Intention:

We  are going to investigate the use of colour with poems


Success Criteria:

You will know you have been successful when:

# You use words that relate to a colours meaning/interpretation

# Write your poem in your book (answering the questions)

Complete a good copy of the poem


Poetry Templates

Colour Poetry

  1. What is the difference between these two colour poems?
  2. How do you know?
  3. Which Year level would you assign to each colour  poem?
  4. How would you make improvements to one of the poems? (add/change)


White is like the sound of ice cubes clinking in a glass.

White is like the smell of freshly picked daisies from a green, green meadow.

White is like the taste of sweet, creamy ice cream on a hot summer day.

White is like the feel of a soft, fluffy pillow comforting you to sleep.



Blue smells like the fresh, salty ocean as the breeze blows across it.

Blue sounds like a peaceful river flowing through the forest.

Blue tastes like a slippery, sweet lollipop energizing you in the middle of the afternoon.

Blue feels like soaring through the air with the birds and the clouds.

Brown is like the taste of rich, thick chocolate as you smooth it around on your tongue.

Brown is like the smell of tangy spices, soaking into barbecued meat.

Brown is like the sound of construction equipment, struggling to move the earth.

Brown is like the feeling of sluggishness, like lying around all day.



Pink tastes like light, sugary cotton candy you get at the circus.

Pink smells like a baby just after a bath.

Pink sounds like tiny, glass wind chimes blowing in the breeze.

Pink feels like a light feather tickling your skin.


37 thoughts on “Colour Poetry

  1. 1 the multi colour poem rhymes and it isn’t only just talking about one colour its multi coloured.

  2. 1) The difference is that the colour poem states more than one colour and every second line rhymes. The ‘Colour Song’ is very basic.

    2) Because I read the poem and it is very clear.

    3) I would assign the Blue poem a grade 4 student and the Colour Song to a grade 2.

    4) To improve the poems I would add more descriptive language such as adverbs and adjectives, this would improve the poems by making them more interesting.

  3. 1)they are different because the colour song is a song and states every colour but the Blue Poem only talks about blue things and is not a song,the colour song also rhymed on every second line.

    2)because I read both poems and it was quite easy to find the difference.

    3)The Blue Poem I would assign to grade 4 and the colour song to a grade 1 or 2.

    4)I would improve the Blue Poem by adding articles and rhyming words.

  4. 1) the difference is one is easier than the other
    2) one has easier words than the other
    3) I would give the colouler song to prep and the blue song to grade 4
    4) i would make a change to the title

  5. 1 the one on left (blue) is only about blue and the right one (colour) is about all the common colours.

    2. If you read it you’ll know

    3. Left y4-5.. Right y3

    Rithom and ryme

  6. 1) The colour has different colours and the ‘blue one is only about blue.
    2) I know this because it say’s in its title.
    3) I think the ‘blue’ poem would be a grade 5-6 and the ‘colour song’ would be a grade 1 or 2.
    4) I am going to change the ‘colour song’ to add in another colour for example pink, I would add in between in between purple and blue ‘pink tastes like a lollipop delight.’

  7. 1) The second one is really basic, and the first one is a bit more complex

    2) I don’t know, I just do

    3) The first one maybe year 4 and the second year 1

    4) Nothing really, they both seem perfectly fine to me

  8. 1) One poem is about blue and the other is about all colours. There is also a difference because the poem about blue has longer verses than the one about all the colours.

  9. 1)the first one is just talking about blue 2 is talking more then just one colour
    2)because first is colour blue and second one is other colours
    3)One would be grade 3 second grade 1
    4)add more information and also add more colours for the first one second add more colours and information

  10. I would assign the multi colour poem to younger kids because the are less words and they are pretty simple. I would assign the blue coloured poem to older kids because the are bigger words and it is harder to understand.

  11. 1) One is much more and ante that the other poem
    2) One uses complex words and it is longer than the other one
    3) The first one would be year 5 and the second one 1
    4) For the second add something at the end like and this is my favourite colour or something like that

  12. 2) Because when I look at them and read them I straight away notice the difference in depth and in meaning.

  13. (1) that there on different colours
    (2) because on is on blue and one is on green
    (3) the blue one year 5 and the green one year 3
    (4) on the green one because it isn’t good enough.

  14. 1) one of them is one colour and the other is colourful and one for baby’s and one is for adults.
    2) because I read them and the are completely different.
    3) the Blue poem is probably for year five and the other poem is probably for year one.
    4) in the colourful poem I don’t think Witch’s hat rhymes with cherry pie and that is all.

  15. 1) That the blue poem is just about the colour blue but with the other poem it is about all different colours that is why I like that one more and the poem about blue is more advanced.
    2) Because you can see it with the colours and drawings colour represents a sign of fun and just blue writing on a blue back round is a bit dull and no child at the age of five would want to read the one about blue.
    3) I think I would assign the poem about blue to grade five or six and the rainbow one to grade one, two and prep.
    4) The poem I would add on to is the one with all the colours and would add on a phrase of pink for the little girls that love pink.

  16. 1) One poem has all the colours and the other one is just telling you about the one colour, the first one is more informative than the second one.

    2) Because the second poem has all the colours and pictures to match but the first one has a blue background so it must be talking about the colour blue.

    3) Blue – Grade 5 + 6, Colour Song – Prep + Grade .

    4) I would change the first poem because it is so boring and they need to edit it again because they missed a word in the 6th line and I would add more descriptive language and make it more attractive to make people want to read.

  17. 1. One poem is all about different colours and the other one is about the colour blue.

    2. Because the second poem has pictures with the colour that the word is and the background of the first one is blue which means the poem is about the colour blue.

    3. Blue year 5 and 6 and colour song prep and grade 1.

    4. In the first poem it doesn’t make sense so I would change it to Blue sounds like people ice skating on a winter day but the problem oem doesn’t have the word like.

  18. 1/2 the colour song is more for little kid and say something that is that colour like blue is the sky because the sky is blue but with the blue poem say like like what you feel and it more for big kids.
    I know this becuse if you look around a year 1 or 2 class there is stuff like the colour song but if you look around a year 4,5 or 6 class you don’t find stuff like that but more like the blue poem

    3. Colour song is more for little kids and the blue poem is more for big kids

    4. In the blue poem I think I would probably make more sense becuse I didn’t really make sense to me and with the colour song I would probably do nothing becuse I think it a good poem/ song for little kids

  19. 1) the second one is about all different colours and the first one is about the colour blue.
    2) because I read them both and they are different.
    3) for the first one I think it is a year 5 and the second one is a year two level.
    4) I wouldn’t make any changes to the poems at all.

  20. 3) I thing the rainbow colour poem would be for about prep-year 1 and the blue poem for about years 4-5.

  21. 1) the blue is just tell us one colour, and the colour song tell us the major colour in our life.
    2) the word colour will tell you or you just read it.
    3) The blue one it is bit hard, I suggest that will let year 4 and 5 to read it. The right is easy, one colour by using one sentence, so I think it should let the year2/3/4 years to read.
    4) The colour one should be add more information on it.

  22. 1) One is about a difference Colour. One is blue and the other person is about lost of difficult colours.

    2) They are difficult because one poem talks about lots of different colours.

    3) Colour Poem-year 3
    Blue Poem-year 4

    4) Change the colourfs

  23. 1) the first difference I noticed when I was reading them was the fact that one is really simple and the other is quite complex. I also discovered that the first one is only referring to one favourite colour and the other is just saying what colour things are.

    2) I know this because I have read through both colour poems several times and the differences are very obvious.

    3) The first colour poem I believe is quite advanced and would be expected from a student in grade five to six. The second poem would be way to simple for grade three or four so I think it was written by a student in grade one or two.

    4) I think the first one could be improved by adding a small list of blue items.

    e.g. Water and berries, skies and ferries

    The second one could be improved by having more colours and more information.

  24. 1)one is more interesting and advance
    2)because one attracts me more to
    3)what is blue? Year 3 , the Carit one year 1
    4)the what is blue I would add more elite ration and ryiming

  25. 1) One poem express the colours that we see today and everyday. And one poem the blue poem express one colour the colour blue and the colour blue only.
    2) the peoms say it the colour poem actually says and mentions it and the blue on express the colour blue only.
    3) The colour poem is probablyfor younger peoples liking because it doesn’t have any descriptive language that describes the colours. And the blue poem describes the colour blue more in depth and has more descriptive language about the colour blue than the the colour blue. So the blue poem would be suited for older people
    4) for the blue poem I could have sorted it in order to make more sense and for the colour poem they could’ve used more descriptive language for each colour.

  26. 1.What is the difference between these two colour poems?
    The blue poem is more descriptive in using verbs and adjectives.Where as the colour poem is not too descriptive.

    2.How do you know?
    Because when we read the colour poem it didn’t interest us as much as the Blue poem did.

    3.Which Year level would you assign to each colour poem?
    the blue poem I would assign to a year 5 class and the colour poem would be assigned to a year 2 or 3 class

    4.How would you make improvements to one of the poems? (add/change) I would improve the blue poem by making it rhyme.

    By Jess and KC undercover

  27. 1. The differences between the two poems is that the first poem is about blue only states one colour ( blue ), although the second poem is about more than one colour ( the rainbow ).

    2. How I knew was that just by looking at them you can see the first poem ( blue only ) has blue text and a blue background but when we look at the second poem we can see all the colours and each line has a pitcher at the end to do with that colour.

  28. 3. My answer to number three is nearly the same the blue poem would be 5/4 because it rhymes a lot, doesn’t have any mistakes except for maybe one and also it makes sense.

    4. I would add to the colour poem by adding another sense like maybe yellow is a pear, it can be sweet or sour.

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