Learning Intention:

Today we are going to learn about angles different kinds of angles.

20160523-195950-1yqiui9.jpgSuccess Criteria:

By the end of the lesson you will be able to:

# Identify the angle and name the degrees


Defining the Angles



Types of Angles

Right Angle Symmetry


  1. Which angle do you prefer and why?
  2. Which angle measures 90 degrees?

Which angles are bigger than an obtuse angle?

Your thoughts or questions about angles.


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23 thoughts on “Angles

  1. 1) I like the ‘acute’ angle because my family is short and ‘acute’ angle is small.
    2) a right angle measures 90°.
    3) A straight angle is bigger than an obtuse angle and so is a reflex angle.

  2. 1) right angles because they hold up objects like houses, buildings and sheds.

    2) right angles

  3. 1) Which angle do you prefer and why?

    1) Bella: I prefer a right angle because it is easier to find on objects.
    Jessica: I prefer the acute angle because it is easy to find for me.


  4. In that video I learnt lots of angles and I actually never knew about a revolution angle. I also learnt were to put angles on houses.

  5. 1) I like right angles because they are so easy to do and just fun in my opinion
    2) Right angle
    3) Straight and Revolution angles
    4) I really like them because they are fun and easy to do and you can find them anywhere

  6. 1) I prefer the right angle because it is the most common angle and all professionals use them for things such as building.

  7. 1) I prefer the right angle because there are lots of things that use a right angle.

    2)A right angle.

    3)reflex angle.


  8. 1) I prefer the right angle because it is the most commonly used and I love to indentify the right angles in pictures.
    2) the right angle measures 90 degrees
    3) straight, reflex and revolution

  9. 1) My favourite angle is an acute angle because it is small and easy to spot. It can also be used for building houses like the roofs and other objects.

    2) A right angle

    3) reflex angles and straight angles

    4) Who decided to put a small square in the right angle.

  10. 1) I prefer right angles because they are even
    2) right angle
    3) Straight, reflex and full rotation

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