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One thought on “Questions

  1. 1) I think we admirerd because we are loyal to people in other countries not only Australia.
    2) ‘just another dying race means’, we lost something that we wanted to win, but we just live with it.
    3) The quality is that he’s asking people is ‘mum and dad or a cockatoo’ are ‘true blue.
    4) I think it means that an a ‘true blue’ is bareing the load into a truck or a uite.
    5) ‘is your heart still there’ means that, do you still care about Australia? Or are you still a ‘true blue?’
    6) My next dore neighbor comes from Canada, and she goes to this school now. I chose her because she isn’t born here and she is loyal, caring and loving to Australia, that is why she is a real ‘true blue’.

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