Hey True Blue

Learning Intention:

Today we are going to investigate the meaning of the poem ‘True Blue’ written by John Williamson.


Success Criteria:

By the end of the session today you will have

#  discussed word meanings

# thought in depth about the meaning of ‘True Blue’

Steve Irwin Tribute

True Blue Lyrics

True Blue


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75 thoughts on “Hey True Blue

  1. 1 Because John Williamson was a famous person and if you respect him its a strong sign you are true Australian

  2. 1) They are admired because they have an Australian heart and are always looked up to with care because Australians have pride. They are also great citizens of Australia.

  3. 1. They’re admired because they have a nice land, are kind and smart, friends with everyone and also trade to get good food and materials.

  4. 2i think race means culture and one day he’s saying our culture will die in anther words our race will die.

  5. 2. Someone good who is kind to everyone and relatives will always love him and never forget.

  6. 2) It means that there is another greatly admired person with a heart if pride and lots of love to Australia who passed away. It could also mean that John is asking ‘has he really passed away?’.

  7. 1) Because they are loyal, respectful Australians that would do anything to help a friend.

    2) It means that life is just another race to win.

    3) To be a loyal, good friend that would do anything for anyone.

    4) It means will you keep something special or will you just let go and not care.

    5) He means do you still really care about what you have or would you rather lose it forever.

    6) Yes I do, this person is a True Blue because they would do anything for anyone and wouldn’t mind helping a mate out and this is what makes them a True Blue.

  8. 1) Because the friendship they have with everyone and anyone and just the general things they do and they respect everything and that’s what an Australian should do
    2) Please don’t go away (die)
    3) Family and friends or something like that that means something to you

  9. 1) Because Australians are caring,contributing and respectful to anyone they come across and are also a good guide and mate to a new person or a foreign friend.

    2)It means that many friends have passed before and Steve was the next one to leave everyone.

    3)To be a good soulmate instead of just standing around watching people get hurt or picked on and not stepping in and helping.

    4)It means will hold onto something important or will you just let it go like nothing happened.

    5)It means even though he knows that Steve is dead, he is just begging that he comes to life.

    6)Yes. It is my grandparents. They pick up any litter that they see while they are walking around, they give lifts to people who have know car,they feed homeless with delightful food and so much more.

  10. 1) A true blue Australian is admired because of the friendship and never gives up and keeps on trying. And stands by his mates and fends for them an stands up for them.
    2) it is saying that please don’t leave me ( die ).
    3) or probably means family or friends or something special to you.

  11. 1)I believe they are admired because they love there country and the animals are beloved.

  12. 1) true blue Australians are admired because
    2) I think he means another old time gone when he seays another dying race
    3) his mattes in the 2nd verses
    4) when he says bear the load he means can you be a true Aussie
    5) are you still a proper Aussie
    6) Matthew because he likes the outback and is an adventurer and can live in nature.

  13. 1) I think that true blue Australians are admired for all of the good things that they did for every one in Australia.
    2) what John Williamson meant by “just another dying race” is another amazing true blue had passed away on us and every one would remember them until they die.
    3) it means being a good mate and always helping them out and stand up for them no mater what.
    4) bare the load means can you push on from the bad things that might happen or happened to you and can you keep trying.
    5) is your hart still there means that are you still here with us or you gone on for the world. Or it can mean don’t die on us.
    6) my true blue is my great, great grandpa who fought in world war 1 and I have always looked up to what he did and always acted like he was next to me even though I have never met him he is my true blue.

  14. 1) because they might take care of Australia, be really nice and be a loyal.

    2) more animals are dying

    3) being loyal to Australia and taking care of Australia

    4) I think it mean like all true blue people work all day to keep Australia healthy.

    5) many he talking about a ture blue person who hasn’t been good lately so he asking if they still are a ture blue

    6) My dad is a ture blue person because he is in the Navy and his job is to take care of the oceans

  15. 3) ‘Standing by your mate’ which is meaning that these amazing Australians are always in for an awesome and enjoyable relationship. They are always in fact good mates and have a great and big chance and experience of making new friends each day in their life.

  16. 1) because they are so passionate and believe so strongly in thier culture.

  17. 1)We love are country for what it is, we love the unique animals and of course the people that make this country so special,
    Tributes, to Steve Iriwn.

    2) Celebrate life the way you want it to, and try to be the best you you can be. When you put your head on your pillow at night think about everything right you have done by people, and everything will come good.

    3) standing up for your best mate and do what you have got to do,
    When your friend is in a fight would you go and get involved or resolve the situation

  18. 2) The entire race or population of ‘true blue’ people are dying

  19. 3) I believe that this means standing up for your mates if they were in a fight, would you stand by or would you stop them?

  20. 6. Tayla because she’s always by my side and has never left my side,
    Steve Irwin because he’s a nice friend to everyone.

  21. Because it reminds us of who Australia is

    People come and go that’s life you will have best friends go during life

    Talk about who we are

    To have good friendships

    Has your Passion left an influence on us out of you

    My dad fits in perfect such as good horse rider cricketer and things like that

  22. 1. Why do you think ‘True Blue’ Australians are admired?

    A1) they are admired because they are great people that others look up to so people can try to be a True Blue as well.

    2. What do you think John Williamson means by ‘just another dying race’?

    A2) another family passing on the True Blue feeling and have people looking up to them.

    3. The 2nd verse refers to a certain quality that is characteristic of a ‘true blue’ Australian. What is this quality?

    A3) standing by your mate that is in a fight.

    4. What is meant by ‘bare the load’?

    A4) strong and brave meaning you can do it yourself.

    5. John Williamson asks True Blue, “Is your heart still there?” What do you think Williamson is asking?

    A5) he is asking are you still my friend even though times are rough.

    6. Do you know a True Blue Australian? Maybe it’s a friend, an uncle or a neighbour. Say what makes this person a real True Blue.

    A6) Cooper, because she has always been my friend and is always so nice to everyone, she makes me happy when I’m sad and she never gets angry at me.

  23. 4) It is meant that after Steve Irwin passed away, his best mate is to ‘bare the load’ and carry all of Steve’s stuff and the most important things of his into the back of a car. He then has to drive the car through a path where the Australia zoo workers are commemorating. It is all being done while listening to John’s True Blue song.

  24. 1) and Steve Irwin is ‘true blue’ and he’s a HUGE icon

  25. 1) Because they work together and help one another in the country side because mancq a things can go wrong on thousands of acres.

    2) Crops are dying from the ranging sun in summer they die of to much heat.

    3) Not just watching someone go through tough times you help and guide them through everybody needs a shoulder to lean on not just their own.

    4) Everyday life in the country its hard and you work till dark and up by four start work at six it is very hard and you need help.

    5) It means that are you still a friend are you still one of a kind True Blue?

    6) My Aunty Jo she’s a true blue she lives on a cattle and horse farm she is a horse and cow vet on hundreds of acres she cares about everyone.

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