Hey True Blue

Learning Intention:

Today we are going to investigate the meaning of the poem ‘True Blue’ written by John Williamson.


Success Criteria:

By the end of the session today you will have

#  discussed word meanings

# thought in depth about the meaning of ‘True Blue’

Steve Irwin Tribute

True Blue Lyrics

True Blue


Answer the questions in comments :  Number from 1–6

75 thoughts on “Hey True Blue

  1. 5) He is asking if Steve’s loving Australian heart is still with him and that everyone will always care about him and never forget him.

  2. 1) they are admired because of John Williamson singing true blue for steve irwin at Australia zoo.

    2) I think he means that when people pass away that is just another person who has died and 1 out of 10 people die each day and family members get very upset.

    3) standing by your mates when they need help.

    4) I think it means ‘can the people stay strong.’

    5) I think it means do you still remember the things he did.

    6) I know a true blue and thats my great grandfather because he fought in the navy and he died fighting for Australia. 🇦🇺

  3. 4) Can you handle the disaster
    5) Are you still alive and not dead
    6) Steve Irwin or maybe even my dad because he never disrespects anything or anyone

  4. 4) it prob let means can you stand it anymore and just want to larvae and leave it for another day.
    5) it might mean are you still trying your hardest and do you still care.
    6) My dad is probably the only one that I know because he stands and doesn’t disrespect his mates and stands up for them and looks after his mates and never dougths them and he instead just engourges them to do their best and have a shot a it.

  5. 1]?
    2]something dying
    4]an audience
    5]that do you love him or something
    6]nope no true blue person in my family

  6. 1) We looked up to Steve Irwin as a kind and loving person who very sadly died by a stingray attack, because the problem was that he took the barb out and that was a problem of his death.☹️

    2) I think he means when people die each day and its like a sad race of people dying each day.🙁

    3) The song ‘ True Blue ‘ is famous because it was Steve Irwins favourite song and it is actually my favourite song now.😃

    4) I think that it means the people need to stay strong and believe that if they can’t do it, they just can’t do it yet.

    5) I think it means he’s asking if in heaven is Steve Irwjns heart still there looking down at us.😫

    6) I have a friend whose was my Grandads Grandad and he died in war in World War 2.

  7. 1]?
    2]something dying
    4]an audience
    5]that do you love him or something
    6]nope no true blue person in my family

  8. 1) They are admired for having great Australian virtues of mateship fair play.

    2) someone is experiencing a hardship.

    3) Mateship

    4) get through some hard times

    5) do you still care for others?

    6) Yes, my father is a true blue because he always cares for everyone even if they are strangers to him and always helps whenever possible.

  9. 1) the song are write about Australian and it showing the way that they do.
    2) more other country people are came in, and the true blue people are die.
    6) if someone Being friendly to you that mean their are true blue.

  10. 6) A true blue I know is a friend of mine and she still is and what makes her so much of an Australian is that she is a person that really loves Australia and cares about her family and 2 dogs. Her father is a member in the army and she has many other friends. I really look up to her and so do my parents. We have a different family to them and we look up to their attitude to being an Aussie. I care that she is my friend and hope we always will be mates!

  11. 6) My dad is a ‘true blue’ because he is caring to everyone and is kind to people even if they are from another country.

  12. 4) can you handle a situation on your own?Or do you need help to be successful?

    5) Do you still have love in your heart? And love for this country?

    6) My dad is a child safety officer, so he dose a lot of work to make children happy and safe in Australia, although he goes through traumatic times during his work to make this country a happy, safe place to live in

  13. Hi ms Johnson,
    I don’t have the code for technology if you could please tell me. Thank you 😕

  14. I learnt this: am and pm are not used in a 24 hour clock, eg:7:00pm is 19:00 in 24 hour time.

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