Drawing Cartoon Faces

Learning Intention:

Today you are going to learn how to draw different aspects on a cartoon face.

Success Criteria:

# Participate   # Practice

Drawing Different Emotions

Drawing Eyes

Drawing Cartoon faces


How did you go?

What could you do to improve?

5 thoughts on “Drawing Cartoon Faces

  1. I really liked theses videos and I think the first video has a bit if comedy in it as well but they’re really good and interesting to whatch I might just have to whatch them again.😎😋😀🤓🙂😉😊😄🤗

  2. The eye one had a bit of history in it but it was still good and it still made sense. Although I think he needs to explain it more.

  3. I’ve just tried something from each video when I’m in class I could improve by using a pencil and practicing the eyes before the full face.

  4. Hi Ms Johnson,
    I found this activity very fun and I decided to go home and make a post about it (I redrew the emotions.) I went pretty well but to improve for next time I could slow down a bit and focus on the shade and shape. I’m not the best artist but throughout the video I stopped, thought and reflected on my work. I fell that this helped my neutrons to get stronger. 😊

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