Learning Intention:

Today we are going to do a probability experiment using coins.


Key Success Criteria

# You will  make predictions and record your answers

Tasks # Ms Johnson / Blog & Reflections / Grid Book / TM5 Money&Data -> Data

Introduction to Probability

Probability Lesson

What are the Chances?

Ms Johnson – Random or Not?


Game 1 Level 1-Spinners

Game 2 Level 2 Fair or Unfair?

Game 3 Level 3 Foul FoodDice Duels


  1. Which game was the most educational and why?
  2. Which game did you enjoy the most and why?
  3. Which levels did you try? What did you discover about the levels?

Probability Task

Reflection on results – were your predictions right? Why/Why not?

17 thoughts on “Probability

  1. Both of these videos help my understanding but at the start of the first one I didn’t know what she was talking about than I watch a few more times and it was much easier to understand.

  2. I thought that the foul food game was the most educational because the dice duel and fair or unfair I found weren’t explained very well and the spinner link wasn’t working.

  3. The computer wasn’t really working for level 1 but level 2 was working Tayah and I were not understanding level 2 and did not really like it, we didn’t have enough time to play level 3.

  4. 1) I think that dice duels was more educational because it had graphs.
    2) foul foods because it had guessing and graphs.
    3) I tried leval 2 and 3

  5. Hi Ms Johnson,

    The game that helped me learn the most was the foul food. This was because it was good for many reasons and it was fun. One of these reasons are that you could choose whether you wanted to do likely unlikely ect. Or you could choose to do decimals and that.


  6. The foul food maker was one of my favourite games that I played this session because it was predictable and unpredictable and so it was the perfect game to test your knowledge of chance and past knowledge that I did have and that helped me with the working out and writing.

  7. My favourite games were foul food and fair or unfair. The other game called dice duels was confusing and had a too long explanation so it was very hard to understand. The first game did not work though called spinners and it said that there was no found web site for it.

  8. Reflection-
    I believe that the foul food game was the most educational. My favourite game was fair or unfair? because it was like battle ships trying to guess what numbers the dice was going to roll.
    I tried level 2 and 3,i really wanted to try level one but it said website is unable to display. I discovered that you weren’t able to get a turn on level 1,level 2 was much more fun than it looked and level 3 was a little bit boring.

  9. 1) the level two game called ‘fair or unfair?’ was the most educational on learning because it showed a fair diced being rolled 12 times and you got to predict if the dice would land on the one you thought it would

  10. fair and unfair I think is the most educational for me because its telling you if your prediction is right or wrong.

    I think the foul foodmaker was the fun one because you had to guess if you can get it right out of certain likely unlikely and impossible

    I played 2 and 3.

  11. The game that helped me learn more was foul food because you had to choose impossible, unlikely, even, likely or certain. the reason why I liked it was because it was fun and you had to pay attention. Level 1 wasn’t working on the computer so level 2 was the good because you had to predict your answer.

  12. I think level three foul food was really good because it wasn’t to complicated and it was really fun but it was also really good and it taught me a lot.

  13. I think that the foul food maker increases your knowledge on probability and what is going to happen. E.g.
    pigs will fly, that is impossible.

  14. Hi Ms Johnson,
    I thought that the game dice duels was the best one and the most educational one for me and I didn’t get the other ones but I tried them all.

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