Parts of a Plane

Learning Intention:

Today you are going to learn the parts of a plane.


Success Criteria:

# Label your diagram correctly

# Learn name and identify part on plane

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Label the airplane - answers


aileron – the hinged surfaces of the trailing edge of a wing (far from the body of the plane) that move up and down in order to roll the plane from side to side.
cockpit – where the pilots fly the plane, located at the front of the plane.
door – allows people to enter and exit the plane.
elevator – the movable part of the 2 horizontal parts of the tail section that moves up or down to help the plane remain level during flight (the elevator controls pitch) and helps control altitude.
fin – the vertical part of the rear of the tail. The rudder is located on the trailing edge of the fin.
flaps – the hinged, rear edge of a wing (located near the body of the plane); the flaps move downwards during takeoff and landing in order to increase the wing surface and therefore increase lift.
fuselage – the body of the airplane (excluding the wing and tail). Passengers and cargo are carried towards the rear of the fuselage.
jet engines – the part of the aircraft that provides the power for the flight.
landing gear – the retractible wheels fastened to the main part of the body (by struts) – it is used for landing and moving the plane around on the ground.
nose – the forward part of the plane.
nosewheel – the part of the landing gear located under the nose of the plane.
rudder – the vertical part of the tail; it can move left/right to stabilize the airplane during takeoffs and landings in strong wind or in crosswinds (it controls yaw).
slats – the hinged forward edge of a wing; the slats are used during takeoff and landing in order to increase the wing surface and therefore increase lift.
spoiler – small hinged plates located on the top surface of the wings; spoilers are used to slow an aircraft or help it descend by disrupting (spoiling) the flow of air around the wing, increasing the drag.
windows – sealed viewing portals, located along the sides of the plane.
wing – the airplane’s two wings produce lift as the plane moves through the air. The wings have four moveable controls: ailerons, flaps, slats, and spoilers.





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