Study Skills – Starting Assignments

Learning Intention:

This week we are going to learn about the skills that you need when you have an assignment to do.frustration

Key Success Criteria

# Listen to podcast   # Discuss the Skills   # Record our thoughts  # Reflect on how to succeed with an assignment

Starting Assignment Podcast

Starting an Assignment

weekplannerCriteria Sheet (Rubric)

Succeeding with Assignments

List 5 things you can do to be successful when you are given an assignment. (comments)

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  1. 1) Set positive rewards after assignment
    2) Don’t aviod the task
    3) Do the most enjoyable question or part first
    4) Keep your study time going up in fun ways
    5) Manage you time responsibly

  2. 1) change my mindset – think positive
    2) get started – start on the assignment
    3) start working – start with 5 minutes then 10
    4) tackle the fun things first – motivation
    5) take small breaks – have food and water, stretch

  3. 1)Set goals.
    2)Do the fun first.
    3)Stay positive.
    4)Just get started.
    5)avoid moving your work space.

  4. 1) you do the fun first.
    2) make goals with the success criteria.
    3) change your mood and stay positive.
    4) 15-20 mins of work each day.
    5) avoid procrastination while working.

  5. 5 when given your assignment you can do exercise or something happen to realease your andorphans and help make you happy

  6. 1} you can do what you enjoy the most first and that is motervation for you to do that task.
    2} you have to stay positive because if you don’t you might leave the task to the last moment.
    3} you have to understand the assignment because if you don’t you may not be able to do the task.
    4} you have to try and avoid distractions and just get on with what you are doing because then it might take longer than you expected.
    5} change your mood because if you are angery you might not want to do the task and again you might have to do it at the last moment.

  7. 1) Do the fun things first.
    2) Go for five minutes and increase every time you do the task.
    3) Make sure you are in a good mood.
    4) Don’t procrastinate and just do.
    5) Make sure you understand the assignment.

  8. Start with the fun things
    Stay positive
    Understand your assignment
    Get started before its to late
    Change mood

  9. * stay positive
    * start with fun and exciting things first
    * change mood
    * break up time
    * change focus

  10. 1) Take a walk
    2) count to 100
    3) have a break
    4) squeeze something
    5) kick a soccer ball

  11. 1) Study hard
    2) discuss with teacher, parents ect.
    3) Study on safari and go to the library.
    4) Look at the success criteria.
    5) Work hard and have fun doing it!😝

    Jess and KC Undercover

  12. 5 things that you can do to be successful when you are given an assignment

    1) Every day gradually add 5 minutes to your time to do the assignment

    2) Make a time table to manage your time on week days

    3) Study the topic until you get some answers for questions or yo extend your knowledge

    4) Descuss the topic with the teacher, siblings or parents

    5) Borrow books from the Library on the topic

    6) Look at the criteria sheets that you are given

  13. 1) do
    2)don’t be stressed
    3) keep positive
    4) don’t leave it till the last minit
    5) leave games till later

  14. 1) Don’t wait until the last minute
    2) Look at the success criteria
    3) Ask questions
    4) Don’t cut corners
    5) Do at least a little bit every day

  15. 1) start on the day that it is given to you so you don’t have so much stress on your shoulders.
    2) don’t put it off to the last minute I once did it and it didn’t work I had to do so much in very little time.
    3) don’t find distractions to get yourself away from it.
    4) ask for help if you don’t understand it ask someone that might know like you teacher
    5) don’t get stressed out about it

  16. 1) Study hard
    2) Study using safari and the library as well
    3) Look at the success criteria
    4) Ask teachers, parents ect.
    5) Work hard and have FUN doing it!😝

  17. 1) I Plan before I do anything
    2) I never give up
    3) look at the success criteria
    4) reflect
    5) think that what’s ahead of you

  18. 1) have a snack before you start.
    2) go for a run or walk your dog.
    3) take a deep breath.
    4) read a calm book.
    5) picture what your assignment will look like done.

  19. Hi Ms Johnson,
    I was wondering if you could send some photos of page 1 and page 5 for PBL homework I did have it but I was working on my homework on Monday last week then the next time I went to do it I could not find it. So could you please send page 1 and page 5

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