Learning Intention:

Today we are going to learn how to design, construct and fly a paper plane.

Success Criteria:

# Construct a paper plane

# Fly the plane

Learning Intention:Β 

Today you will experience what it is like to have a really hard task to do. Β 

Success Criteria:

# Try your best

# Ask for help

# Break it down – step by step

Making paper planes




What did you find really interesting about this post?
What didn’t you find interesting in this post?
Have you made a paper plane before?

William’s Tutorial – paper plane

32 thoughts on “Flight

  1. My success goal was to build a fighter plane out of paper and was harder than the first one. I would give plane two a rating nine out of ten.

  2. Reflection-
    I think that I could have done better and focused more on the video because I did not keep up.
    I was also getting really frustrated with the paper because it was to hard but I kept remembering the word ‘yet’. I did not reach the success criteria because I didn’t complete the plane.
    I believe that the first plane we built was a lot easier because it didn’t have all of the special folds like reverse and side wards.

  3. I reflected that I need to understand the intrusions and figger out how to make a paper plane better.

  4. the first paper plane was sort of hard for me. the second one was really hard for all of us in 5J.

  5. Reflection
    The first one was very easy and I didn’t ask for help and the second one I was very frustrated and didn’t really want to do it and just wanted to give up and let someone else do it for me😑😀😑😀😑😀😑😀😑😀😑😀😑😀😑😀😑😀😑😀

  6. Reflection
    I think that complex planes are bad to fly because they are heaver that your average paper plane ( it will just flip out) πŸ˜‚. Simple planes will fly better.

  7. When making the first plane it was easier and a lot more fun because I could understand what to do as for the second plane which was a lot harder and I didn’t finish it because of the difficultly level but I got half way but made a lot of mistakes.

  8. The success criteria for me for the second plane was that the steps were to hard to watch from the TV. The first plane was way easier then the second plane because the steps weren’t as hard and there wasn’t as many steps where as on the second plane there was to many steps and they were really complex.

  9. The first plane is too soft that can fly very far.
    The second plane is too small and fold it too hard so only can fly short distance

  10. I did not finger the first one hard but when I did the the second one it was extremely hard but I did try try again and still it didn’t look right but I didn’t give up but kept on trying.

  11. Don’t give up when you don’t get the thing right and try again and again and ask for help.

  12. If you can’t do what everyone is doing just reflect on your mistakes or ask for help from a teacher or another student. I made my first paper plane today but it wasn’t that successful so i tried to improve on the next paper plane And it was pretty successful.

  13. Reflection Part 2
    Next time I will ask for help and not just give up on what I’m doing because I’m never going to learn if I just give up all of the time.

  14. To push forward you must first try try again and not lose your temper and give that is not how you can improve. To improve you must try try again till you succeed and that is only when you know you alone have improved because you try tryed again.

  15. My reflection: i got realy mad I gave up and arsked for help many times but it got really frustrating

  16. 1) That it clearly shows the correct ways on how to make a paper plane and makes it look simple.
    2)It kept skipping to random pictures but other wise it was easy to understand.
    3)No exempt for today.

  17. I learnt that if it is lighter and more spread out. And if the plane the is heavier and more compacted it will fly a lot shorter than what it should.

  18. I don’t know how to make a paper plane but it took me a long time to know how to build a paper planes but when I screw up I leave it

  19. I was getting really angry and I thought that I can’t do it and then remembered growth mindset I can’t do it… yet.😸 good job willπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  20. And the first paper plane was much easier than the second plane because it had
    Less steps.

  21. When I made a mistake I asked for help and I was mostly able to fix it although I had a lot of help and one of the mistakes I wasn’t able to fix because mostly everyone couldn’t get past that stage either.

  22. I was really happy when we made the first plane but I could improve with thicker paper. The second plane we made was really hard next time I think it would be easier if there was less noise and less people to help! I thought Williams plane looks really cool and I am going to try it at home.

  23. I thought that they where hard but I kept a positive attitude/ mindset towards making it. But it still didn’t work out in the end and it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But if you fail the first time, try, try again.

    Mistakes is what makes you human!

  24. That is awesome it is so cool I cant wait to try to fly it in my valley ” it’s going to go so far and fast.

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